He said that security in the Persian Gulf could come crumbling down with just a “single blunder” and said that there is no need for intervention from the United States.

Rouhani also emphasized that Iran is never going to negotiate with the United States unless it reverses all sanctions in order to “open the way for the start of negotiations”.

Anyone not understanding the situation in the Middle East could easily deduct that the Iranian president is doing all he can for peace in the region and it would not be so farfetched to deduce from his words that this country is being unfairly targeted by the Trump administration.

However, looking at the facts, it is clear that President Rouhani’s job was quite simply to make it look like he is a moderate. But this could not be further from the truth. Here is why.

He is a key figure in the mullahs’ regime. A remain that has caused immeasurable destruction in the Middle East. A regime that has imprisoned, tortured and executed thousands upon thousands of political opponents, including 120000 members and supporters of MEK, over the course of the past four decades. A regime that has plotted numerous terrorist attacks over the world, including many on European soil last year alone. A regime that ignores international norms and regulations. A regime that disregards the most basic of human rights. And a regime that has plundered the nation’s wealth for years.

Hassan Rouhani himself is not just an innocent player that has become involved in the regime’s corrupt and belligerent practices. He was there since nearly the beginning. When the regime was established, he was a member of parliament. He was then a member of the Supreme Defence Council for 6 years. In the eighties, he was chairman of the Executive Committee of the Supreme Defence Council and was deputy commander of the war with Iraq between 1983 and 1985.

Rouhani was also working for one of the IRGC’s institutions that finance terrorism where he was chief of staff and then deputy commander in chief. He knows the regime inside out and there is nothing moderate about the Iranian president. Not now and not for the past four decades. During the Iran-Iraq war, hundreds of thousands of people died and billions of dollars were squandered.

Hassan Rouhani, trying to portray himself as a peaceful and moderate figure, but the truth is he is the president of a regime causing insecurity in the region. Earlier this year, he praised the Revolutionary Guards for downing a U.S. drone.

He said, “we hit the drone with a system that is constructed in Iran, its missile is made by Iran, its radar is made by Iran, that is, we searched with our Iranian radar, we locked with Iranian radar, we targeted it with our Iranian missile … We kiss the hands of all those who created this domestic industry in the Ministry of Defense, the hands of all who used this tool well in the Revolutionary Guards.”

“Today, if we look at every corner in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, everywhere, we see the footprint of bravery of Commander [Qassem] Soleimani,” Rouhani said on May 10, 2016, adding that “the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) is present to defend our holy shrines in Iraq and Syria, to defend the oppressed in Lebanon, in Palestine, in Afghanistan, and other places that request assistance from the Iranian people and the Iranian government.” (state-run Tasnim News Agency, May 10, 2016). “

Since becoming president, Rouhani has overseen the execution over 3000 Iranians including 92 women. He has ordered crackdowns on dissent.
Mrs. Rajavi, the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, in a video message to the No2Rouhani rally in New York on September 23 said, “Following the clerical regime’s recent attack from inside Iran against Saudi oil facilities, the real question facing the world is no longer who conducted the attack, but they need to advance a policy of decisiveness and firmness against this regime.”