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Iran’s mullahs are going extinct

But why is this? Simply, it’s all to do with the Iranian Regime and their iron-fist rule.
Some, like exiled poet Esmail Khoie describe the mullahs as a mixture of the worst bits of Genghis Khan and the 7th-century Father of Ignorance, Abu Jahl.

Others, like Firouz Farzani, see them as “woolly mammoths, lumbering closer and closer to extinction”.

The Regime is failing because the mullahs are unable to deal with Iran’s many, many crises. They’ve spent so long-ruling through force and looting from the Iranian people that they honestly can’t think of another way to rule.

They can’t deal with drought or poverty because the mullahs’ base their rule on a perverted version of Islam.

Even when the rial began its unprecedented decline in value earlier this year, the mullahs solution was to host seminars on “Islamic Jurisprudence in the Bazaar” to help merchants and businesspersons cope. The mind truly boggles at what they must have thought they could achieve with that.

Another example of the Regime’s unfathomable behaviour is their reaction to the various environmental crises that are affecting Iran on an epic scale; drought, air pollution, deforestation, and plastic pollution.

Other countries might have put together a water conservation policy and taken water away from any non-essential purpose or planted more trees that would have combated air pollution and deforestation or built a garbage treatment plant to turn rubbish into electricity. Not the Iranian Regime.

They arrested environmental experts and activists – torturing some to death – because they thought that they were spies for the US and Israel, claimed Israel was stealing their rain and snow, and invited people to pray for rain in the desert as Revolutionary Guards leader Hassan Abbasi claimed that a lack of faith had caused the drought.

You’ll be amazed to learn that this didn’t work and that Iran’s environmental problems are only getting worse.

The Iranian people embrace modernity and reject the nonsensical ways of the mullahs, who spent millions to create a book that advised already impoverished couples in Iran have between five and 15 children because that is what Mohammed’s family members did. The Iranian people want an end to the mullahs’ rule and they are fighting for it in the streets.

Luckily, when they achieve it, the Iranian Resistance, who have been helping arrange these protests, can help form a new Iran, which embraces science and democracy.

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