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Iran: The Strategy of the Resistance Units Is Showing Its Strength

The MEK’s Resistance Units are becoming an inspiration for those who seek to overthrow the Iranian regime.

Iran’s regime has a forty-year-long history of corruption and crime against Iran and its people. Therefore, most Iranians have pondered over the regime’s downfall and what an Iran without the mullahs and the revolutionary Guards mercenaries would mean.

The overwhelming majority of Iranians are dissatisfied with the situation in Iran. The army of unsatisfied people, according to the regime’s officials, the middle class of the society is now moving to the “poor rebellion class” and is not stopping at this point.

“Since 2009, there have been repeated protests that have been peaceful or violent. The protesting social class was different in each of them. From a middle class seeking voting right in 2009, we reached the lower class, angry about the high price of gasoline in November 2009. Now, with the gathering and sit-in and protest of Isfahan’s farmers, we witnessed the emergence of a more traditional class that we have not witnessed before.” (State-run daily Jahan-e Sanat, November 28, 2021)

Translating the previous paragraph of this regime’s daily, speaks about a nation that is tired because of the situation and none of the social classes is supporting this regime anymore, and as the regime’s sociologists are saying this situation has become ‘dangerous’.

Parallel to this situation, we are witnessing that the periods between the protests are getting shorter. From the 2009 protests to 2017 we are seeing a period of eight years, after that every year we are witnessing a nationwide protest. After the regime’s defeat in controlling the society with the help of the coronavirus pandemic, now in 2021, we are witnessing chaining protests that are choking the regime. From Sistan and Baluchestan to Khuzestan and now Isfahan and now Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari.

What is the message of this expressive growth?

The message is clear: Soon we will witness a qualitative leap.

The experience of the Zayandeh Rud uprising in Isfahan tells us that to influence social uprisings, we must follow the model of the Resistance Units and expand this strategy to Iranian cities, Iran experts argue. It is true to say that the strategy of the Resistance Units after the November 2019 uprising and the uprising of various provinces once again demonstrated its authenticity and efficiency about Iran’s future. And it shows those who are searching for a solution to Iran’s situation the right way.

Now Iranian youths by challenging the regime on the streets are expanding the protests to various places in the cities and are tiring the regime’s forces.

Standing up against the regime’s forces is breaking the regime’s fake grandeur and is freeing the people’s energies. And in contrast, when the regime’s forces witness that after repressing the people and shooting them, they will be identified and their identity will become public on social media, they will think twice about shooting the people and if they do, they are doing it with fear and skepticism.

Shooting at the people was the regime’s greatest mistake, Iran experts say. This is something that the regime will finally do and the result of it will be the advance of the Resistance Units. This is the stagnation of the regime in repressing or not repressing the people.

For a long, the strategy of the regime was the censorship of any news about the MEK and the Resistance, so as if they would not exist. Now the Resistance Units are breaking this boycott and the regime is forced to speak and confess about them even if by the language of its infamous ministry of intelligence.

Now in every protest and uprising, the regime is forced to address the MEK, because it knows very well that every movement that has the color of the regime’s overthrow, its source is finally the MEK which is in favor of the Resistance Units.

This is a reality that the state-run daily Resalat is writing about, that referring any protest to the MEK will not only isolate and discredit them but, “it creates a face for them that they cannot sometimes create it by spending years and billions of dollars.

“In these years, due to the further attribution of protesters and critics to this group, we have confirmed and confessed to their strength and organization, instead of their hatred and aggressiveness, which they have been able to send so many forces to the streets at any time.” (State-run daily Resalat, November 29, 2021)

The clear message of this confession is that the strategy of the Resistance Units has now become a guide to anyone who is on the path to overthrow this regime.

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