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Iran: Uprising by Bakhtiari compatriots-anti government demonstration – No 6

In fear of expansion of protests regime stops broadcasting the insulting TV program

Saturday night, protests by the people of Dezful and the clashes and scuttles continued in different parts of the city. During the clashes a gas station in Yaqoub-e Lais Street at Fatholmobin Square was set on fire. Additionally, people attacked a security forces’ center breaking its windows and setting its vehicles on fire. During the clashes on Saturday people badly beat up the Governor. To confront the protestors a large contingent of suppressive forces was dispatched from Ahvaz to Dezful.

In Isfahan, protestors wore their traditional dresses and gathered in front of regime’s radio and television building chanting, “Beware if I get my Berno [type on gun]”. They confronted the suppressive security forces by hurling stones at them and putting up fires. Thousands of Bakhtiari compatriots staged a protest on the Khajou Bridge chanting, “Death to dictator; death to Zarghami. Bakhtiari dies but won’t submit”. The clashes between the protestors and the suppressive forces left hundreds battered and injured. A number of the protestors were arrested and taken to an undisclosed location. Around noon Saturday, the people of Foulad-shahr of Isfahan also staged a protest.

People of Shahr-e Kord staged a protest on Saturday, February 15. They demonstrated all the way from the radio and television center to the University Square chanting: “Death to Zarghami. Bakhtiari be united be united. If [the TV series] is aired next week, there will be hell in Iran.”

On Saturday, February 15, students in Ahvaz staged a protest in support of the Bakhtiari compatriots at the Clock Square in Amanyeh district despite the heavy presence of the security forces.

In fear of the expansion of protests, the clerical regime announced via radio and television that the broadcast of the TV series has been stopped.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

February 16, 2014

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