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Iran: Urgent- Suppressive forces attack women’s prison

Asghar Kolivand, a prison guard officer that is an atrocious henchman, ruthlessly injured the women with a belt. Two other hirelings by the names of Mohammad Mohammadzadeh and Tatar used electric shockers, batons and belts to assault the women. The prison guard officer of the women’s ward 1, Sima Pourmand herself battered the defenseless prisoners.

In this ward with an area of 190 square meters, 240 women are imprisoned. Rayhaneh Jabbari, the young woman that has been condemned to death for defending herself against an intelligence agent who intended to violate her, is kept in this ward. The hirelings have stopped breaks for fresh air for this ward and cutoff the phones as well.

This attack happen after the Iranian regime raid on Evin prison on April 17 and attacking and wounding defenseless political prisoners. In that preplanned brutal attack a large number of political prisoners were wounded and 32 of them were transferred to solitary confinement. Agents of the IRGC intelligence unit and Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) were involved in the attack.  

The Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran issued a statement regarding this attack and asks international organizations to take urgent action: 

The Iranian Resistance calls on all international bodies and institutions defending human rights and women’s rights to condemn this anti-human act. It emphasizes that the shameful silence of the Western governments regarding the horrendous raid of April 17 against the political prisoners has emboldened the clerical regime to attack other prisons and prisoners.


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