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Iran: Widespread arrests of sympathizers and institutions connected to PMOI (MEK)

With hollow saber-rattling, the IRGC affiliated Fars news agency quoted a ‘security official’ who said that two PMOI (MEK) members “have recently entered the country in a bid to convey instructions from their movement abroad to the ring inside the country, and to co-ordinate domestic elements and institutions aimed at hampering the election process, but they were pursued for several days after entering the country and have been arrested.”

Facing unbridled infighting on the one hand, and deep and vast social discontent on the other, and in order to create intimidation and keep control, the mullahs’ regime is setting up TV shows showing faked and forced confessions of these arrestees.

Furthermore, the mullahs’ intelligence has arrested a number of travellers from Turkey, the UAE and Iraq and is trying in vain to present them as expert operatives who plan to sow dissent during the election.

Such absurd tactics and the threatening of families, political prisoners, workers, students and women’s groups are of no help to the regime. Instead, they only increase public outrage and hatred of the regime and its fake election.

The same news agency announced on May 18 that the PMOI (MEK), “has experience of rebellion, unrest and sabotage from the incidents following the 2009 election. Now they are attempting to organise more unrest in the 2013 presidential election… They are doing everything in their power to deepen the rifts within the regime… they are drawing on the media, social networks, websites and weblogs”.

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