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Iranian opposition must be supported in order for the regime to be overthrown

Around the same time, the Supreme Leader of Iran attacked the US in a speech saying that the US is arming terrorist groups that are responsible for instability. He even went as far as to say that the US created ISIS. On Twitter he said (about the US government): “They’re against an unrestrained ISIS but agree with a controlled ISIS…US president accuses Iran of terrorism, while terrorism in this region has American roots…”

Many believe that the US and Iran are heading toward a full military conflict. Tehran’s lobbies are saying that if the US takes action against Iran it would cause a new war in the Middle East. They are trying to make it be believed that it is better for the US to treat Iran as a regional power and to negotiate. In other words, to continue with Obama’s policy of appeasement.

However, looking deeper into the issues, Iran does not want to start a new conflict – it wants to ensure that the existing conflicts in the region continue. As well as the domestic threat that comes as a result of the people of Iran increasingly voicing their dissent, the Iranian regime is terrified of the external threat. Everything the regime does is something it believes will counter ones of these threats.

The Iranian opposition, the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), is one such threat. For eight “golden” years with Obama’s policy of appeasement, the Iranian regime could carry out dangerous meddling abroad and suppressed the people at home. Executions have been carried out like never before, and the export of terrorism has been increasing.

Earlier this month, a bill for more sanctions against Iran was passed by the Senate. It is the first firm step that has been taken by President Trump and his administration and it shows the Iranian regime that it needs to be taken seriously.

On 1st July, the Iranian opposition will be hosting its annual gathering in Paris. This event attracts Iranians from all across the globe to gather and listen to prominent political figures and personalities from many different countries pledge their support to the Resistance and to the people of Iran.

If we want to avoid another war, the only way to defeat the cruel, inhumane and dangerous regime is to put it under pressure and to support the opposition and the people in Iran who are crying out for freedom, democracy and human rights.


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