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Iranian opposition reveals further information about Iranian regime’s disinformation campaign

Iranian opposition reveals

The Iranian regime is known for using disinformation campaigns and it is how it tries to change public perception about the Iranian regime and the Iranian Resistance.

Jawad Zarif, the Iranian foreign minister, one month ago, asked the CEO of Twitter to close the account of the Mojahedin in Albania. A few weeks later, Twitter announced that 1.1 million tweets had been sent out by the clerical regime in a case of “coordinated abuse”.

The committee also revealed that Channel 4 in the United Kingdom had modified a report from the police in Albania with regards to the Mojahedin residing there. Its report indicated that the security forces in Albania are concerned about the PMOI and claim that it is trying to build “a government within the government”.

Channel 4 spoke with a former head of the Albanian Intelligence Agency who said that the PMOI is an organisation that is very strict that will kill any members that violate their own laws”. Ylli Zyla has links to an Albanian citizen that has been to Iran on a number of occasions at the invitation of the Iranian regime’s embassy in Tirana.
The Iranian regime is clearly trying to portray the Mojahedin as malign and wants to detract from the regime’s foiled plot that was revealed by the Prime Minister of Albania after which regime agents were arrested.

Channel 4 showed a report that it said was from the Albania police. Channel 4 added a letterhead and manipulated the header. Furthermore, the NCRI said; “Regarding the content of the report, a police official said that police reports never used terms such as Islamic Marxist, and thus it is a trick to deceive public opinion against the Mojahedin, as the lies contained in it are not the position of the government and the police of Albania.”

The NCRI was able to conclude that the police report “is completely out of line with standard Albanian police reports and is fake”.

The NCRI also mentioned the case of Gholam Hossein Mohammadnia who was appointed to the Iranian regime’s embassy in the Albania capital at the time of the Mojahedin’s transfer from Camp Liberty / Ashraf. He is a veteran intelligence office of the Iranian regime.

The NCRI said: “The plot to bomb the Iranians large gathering in Villepinte on June 30 this year (2018) clearly showed that the diplomats of the clerical regime were the religious Gestapo murderers who were heavily involved in terrorist acts against the Iranian resistance.

At the same time as the Iranian regime’s diplomat was extradited from Germany to Belgium, who is being prosecuted for participation and providing explosives for bombing, the French government announced that the Iranian Intelligence ministry had issued the order.”
It has called for the trial and punishment, or at least expulsion, of regime intelligence agents from Albania.