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Iranian Resistance underscores implementation of NPT Additional Protocol by the regime

He once again underlined that the regime has no intention to scale back its nuclear program — which pursues  no objective but to obtain the nuclear weapon — and reiterated that activities at “our nuclear facilities will not be suspended”.

During the past three years, the IAEA inspectors have frequently requested to visit a certain section of Parchin to study the unknown aspects of the regime’s nuclear weapons program, but the clerical regime has prevented such a visit to Parchin. During this period, the Iranian regime has been busy carrying out major changes in sections of Parchin to erase any trace and evidence of nuclear tests.

Statements by the Atomic Energy Organization spokesman demonstrates that contrary to all the claims made in recent months, in continuation of its policy to obtain the nuclear weapon, the clerical regime continues to deceive the international community and it has no intention whatsoever to be transparent in its nuclear program.

In recent years, the clerical regime has hidden parts of its nuclear weapons project in conventional military sites and has prevented IAEA access to these sites on the pretext that inspection of military sites is not within the scope of IAEA mandate.

The Iranian Resistance once again underscores that the implementation of the Additional Protocol by the mullahs’ regime and unhindered and unconditional access of IAEA to all of regime’s nuclear sites and specialists is an essential and indispensable step to ensure that mullahs do not obtain a nuclear bomb.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

May 4, 2014


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