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Iraq: Maliki appointed forces prevent delivery of fuel to Camp Liberty Iranians

On Wednesday, August 13, the Iraqi forces prevented the entry of a fuel tanker to the camp and confiscated the vehicle. The tanker has been delivering the fuel purchased by the residents in the camp ever since Iranian refugees transferred to Camp Liberty.

In a similar measure, these forces on Thursday, August 14, prevented the entry of the second tanker delivering fuel by the same supplying company to Camp Liberty.

These repressive measures against Iranian refugees are being enforced by Major Ahmed Khozeir, who had prior to this participated directly in massacring the residents.

Providing minimum daily necessities in Camp Liberty relies on the continuous and non-stop flow of fuel into the camp. Lighting, cooking food, storing food stuffs, air conditioning in tempro trailers where the residents are stationed in, pumping water into the camp and its purification, drainage of black water etc… are all relied on power generators run with the fuel.

Shortage in fuel will lead to a serious crisis for the residents’ health and well-being, especially under the scorching summer heat in Iraq.

Ever since their transfer to Camp Liberty, the residents have purchased their fuel and also paid for its delivery to the camp.

The Iranian Resistance calls on the United Nations and US government — that have made written and repeated commitments on guaranteeing safety and security of Camp Liberty residents — to take urgent action to end the criminal siege, and prevent the Iraqi government from any disrupting the delivery of fuel, food stuffs, logistical goods and other needs to the camp.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

August 15, 2014

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