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Iraqi freedom group condemns attack on MEK in Camp Liberty

President of the European Iraqi Freedom Association (EIFA), Struan Stevenson, overtly condemned the horrific attack, bringing to light the inactions of the United States government, and leadership of the United Nations, in standing idly by while the residents of Camp Liberty came under this egregious attack.

Stevenson reiterated the claims that, “for the past 8 days food, fuel and medicines have been blockaded by the Iraqi government’s agents again acting on orders from their Iranian sponsors. This blockade has caused untold suffering to the residents during Ramadan while temperatures have soared to over 50 degrees and they have no fresh food, or any means of fueling generators to provide air-conditioning and no total medicines for the sick.” 

Furthermore, Stevenson emphasized the need of the US and UN to take action regarding not only the missile attacks, but also the disregard for their obligation to the residents of Camp Liberty. In doing so, “The EIFA demands the immediate intervention of the UN and the US embassy in Baghdad, firstly to hold the perpetrators of this crime accountable and bring them in to justice and secondly to guarantee the safety and security of the camp until the last person can be airlifted to safety.” 

The safekeeping and security of the PMOI (MEK) members in Camp Liberty, formerly of Camp Ashraf, is under the responsibility of the United States and United Nations based on previous international agreements that have been drafted jointly by the aforementioned parties.

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