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Live Report: International Online Conference of the Iranian Communities on the 30th Anniversary of 1988 Massacre in Iran

1703: Paris: Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

Thirty years have passed since the 1988 Massacre of 30,000 political prisoners in Iran, but the mullahs could not conceal their blood-drenched epical resistance. Neither could their international appeasers undermine this incident in favour of the Iranian regime.

On the 30th anniversary of the heroes slain in 1988, I urge my fellow compatriots and especially the youth of Iran to do their best to expand the movement seeking justice for the victims of the 1988 massacre, which is part of the uprising for the overthrow of the mullahs’ regime.

Today, those massacred heroes are not physically with us, the locations of the graves are not known, and the speaking of their names is a crime… today, we honour the 30,000 roses of the Iranian Resistance. I thank you. The information about this massacres has been compiled in a book by The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), where they detail the 110 cities in which the massacres took place. Now these places have turned into hubs of the uprising.

30 years ago, the political prisoners here were lined up to be taken to the gallows, but now the young people and the opposition are fighting and winning against the regime. I salute them… Earlier this year, the regime arrested a number of protesters and then tortured them to death in prison. They then handed the bodies back to the families and told them that their loved one had committed a crime and had committed suicide. [Crowds chants] The massacre of 1988 shows a split in the attitude towards the Regime; those who hide the massacre in order to defend the mullahs and those who will rise up against the Regime…

The victims of the 1988 massacre were given a choice: surrender or die. They sacrificed their lives and sowed the seeds of resistance. Today, thirty years on a dispute continues over adherence to this idea of … an ideal that is being posed by the resistance units inside Iran…. [crowd chants]

fellow compatriots and dear friends. The killer regime is … by the eight-month-long uprising led by the MEK and by consequences of it… the mullahs so to target the resistance gathering in Paris on June 30 with a terrorist attack. In March, they tried hard and took everything in their hands. There’s hardly any place left in the world that has remained immune to the regime’s terrorism… from Arab states to Europe the US. This week, the Regime’s cyber attacks were revealed and shut down. The Regime stole money from the Iranian people to use in a disinformation campaign against the Iranian resistance… It is Rouhani’s cry to the Iranian public not to heed the MEK’s call to take to the streets… Dear friends, for three decades the international community has been silent over the massacre in Iran, which has only emboldened the Regime.

1729: Paris: Patrick Kennedy

… This is not an Iranian issue. This is a human rights issue and it’s the reason why we have people from all over the world gathered here to mark this 30th anniversary of 30,000 political prisoners being summarily executed by a fascist regime. We must remember them, because if it can happen in Iran, in a modern era, it can happen anywhere …We are here today to remember these 30000 martyrs. I want to thank the MEK because you are the ones who are letting the flames of resistance going strong, you ate the ones who are supporting the young people in Iran who are protesting, and you have the integrity of your beliefs because you’re are the ones who fought the shah… The MEK has been on the side of resistance when it came to fighting the shah and when it comes to the regime… They say they’re moderates but we know all of them are on the side of oppression… If you never thought that the MEK was making a difference, the MEK is the main target of the MEK in Paris, Albania, and the US. Why would the regime spend so much time targeting the MEK?

1738: Paris: Jean Francois Legaret Mayour of first arrondissment of Paris

It is our duty, our democratic duty to fight for justice.

1742: Berlin: Mr. Hamid Moaser

Also the resistance was chanting “down with Rouhani, Down with Khamenei”.

1748: Berlin: Ms. Farideh Goudarzi

In memory of the 30,000 political prisoners, my fellow prisoners, in the summer of 1988. The year earlier, the prisoners were separated into different section based on their political affiliation. During the trails, they were asked one question: are you a member of the MEK or are prepared to denounce them? 30,000 political prisoner died for their beliefs… they were interrogated and nobody knew what their fate would be. It’s banned… the most important thing is that all perpetrators and all those who order these crimes will be brought to justice, and I will say to Khamenei and all his agents that their … will be given to them by the people of the Iranian resistance. We support Maryam Rajavi…

1752: London: Ms. Naghmeh Rajabi

Madam Rajavi, dear friend, I have supported the MEK for 15 years and now on behalf of the Iranian Resistance in the UK. I remember my aunt who was executed by the Regime for supporting the MEK. she was arrested at 22 and tortured before being executed. I pay tribute to those who opposed the regime, especially those 30,000 political prisoners who were executed in 1988. We will not rest until the perpetrators are brought to justice. The people in Iran are calling for the fall of the mullahs. We will continue until the overthrow of the regime. The other side of the mullah’s terrorism… hundreds of Facebook page and others have been closed down, which were operating under false pretext. The regime tried to strike a blow to resistance by promoting disinformation and gathering information about the MEK in Albania and elsewhere. .. warned the rest of the world not to allow themselves to be manipulated by the regime against the Iranian people.
1759: London: Ms. Farzaneh Majidi

I say hello to you…. I am one of the victims of the ruling regime in Iran. This regime has killed five members of my family so I just want to say a few words about the suffering of the family… two of my aunts were killed in the 1988 massacre. One of my aunts was 23 and a student when she was arrested in 1981, but despite having served her sentence, she was killed in 1988. My other aunt was just 18. My brother was only 16 years old when he was executed. I can talk to you and tell you for hours about their human value and now on behalf of the victims, I call on the British government, the EU, the US government, and the secretary general of the UN, the Special Rapporteur for human rights in Iran to condemn this crime against humanity and set up an independent investigation to bring the perpetrators to justice before an international court.

1806: London: Mr. Omid Ebrahimi

I am 21 years old and I took to… the Iranian youth, First I would like to remember the victims of the 1988 massacre, especially the young people who supported the MEK and Rajavi, who stood up against the regime. My father was imprisoned and saw many of his friends executed, because the regime saw that the MEK was the biggest threat to the Iranian Regime…. The young people in Iran are now rising up against the Regime, calling “death to the regime”. The blood of the martyrs and those who sacrificed themselves in Ashraf have inspired the current wave. We tell the Iranian youth in Iran that we support them and we will raise their voices abroad… We support Rajavi and her ten-point plan for a free Iran.

1811: Stockholm: Mr. Dawood Rahbar

Along with the nationwide resistance… bring the perpetrators of the massacre to justice. The reality is the what happened in Iran in 1988 is the biggest crime against humanity since the second world war. Many of these prisoners had already served seven years of a prison term given to them by the regime. In the history of the world, this massacre is unprecedented. The regime has shown no mercy to the prisoners or those who opposed the regime outside out Iran. We tell the rest of the world that over the past few years, we’ve seen terrorism from Iran across the world. Their agents were even arrested in Stockholm…. The international community should cut its ties with Iran and close their embassies for the safety and security of the European citizens…

1816: Stockholm: Mr. Nasrollah Marandi

I spent ten years in prisons, over the time of the massacre, and I witnessed some of the massacres. I am looking forward to the day when I can give evidence to the ICC. [Lists the members of the death commission] On the days of the massacre, the hanging continued until the middle of the night from August 5th onwards. As someone who has witnessed this massacre, the death commission who … one of them said … [one prisoner] was bravely defending the MEK and Massoud Rajavi. 1988 is a red page in the history of the resistance against the regime and it continues today in the uprising against the regime. As one of the witnesses of the massacre, I ask the international community to seek out the perpetrators, who still hold positions of power in the Regime and bring them to justice. I am ready to give evidence.

1823: Paris: Video Clip airs showing posters and people supporting Iranian Resistance and the justice-seeking movement for the massacre from across Iran.

1827: Amsterdam: Ms. Raha Heshmati

As a teenager, I learned that the clerical regime, the dictatorship in Iran, suppressed the Iranian people and since then I have tried to do something for the freedom of the Iranian people and I am not alone… 30 years ago, in the summer of 1988, 30,000 Iranian youth were executed for their beliefs after trials that lasted just a few minutes. They were buried in the mass grave and their families were not told what had happened to them. There has still been no investigation. We stand with Rajavi and her fight for a free Iran…. The regime has stepped up its attacks outside Iran, as we saw in Paris with Iran’s terrorist diplomat who organised an attempted terrorist attack on the Iranian Resistance…. The dream of many Iranian youths, including myself, is to see a free Iran under the leadership of Rajavi and we will fight for the overthrow of the regime.

1834: Oslo: Mr. Behrouz Omid

This was the biggest crime since WW2, according to many, including Amnesty International. 30,000 were massacred but the Resistance never gave up. The regime is the biggest executer per capita in the world. This is another example of the regime’s weakness. The massacre took place shortly after Khomeini was forced to end the Iran-Iraq war, when he vowed not to… the international community should boycott the regime, close the embassies, and support the Iranian uprising,.

1840: Toronto: Ms. Shahnaz Gharacheh

On behalf of the international coalition of women against fundamentalism, I welcome you. Our society started its actions in 2002… in 1988, this crime against humanity was carried out by the terrorist regime… many freedom-loving women opposed the regime and were executed. Maryam Rajavi started a justice-seeking movement both inside and outside of Iran. This campaign, in order to reach its goal of bringing the perpetrators of this crime to justice… the women in Iran face terrible suppression and by participating in the current uprisings, they are helping to overthrow the regime. We are asking the international community to adopt a decisive policy vis a vie this regime. Our society supports the NCRI and Rajavi and her ten-point-plan for the future of Iran.

1848: Brussels: Mr. Mahmoud Nobari

30 years ago on the order of Khomeini, this great enemy of humanity and god, more than 30,000 freedom loving Iranians were massacred… the martyrs and those who sacrificed their lives will remain in our conscious…. The MEK prisoners on those dark nights, they cried out that forbidden name and with their cry in the face of Khomeini’s Regime and they said no, and with their blood, they said yes, yes, we are ready. Today, we can see the reflection of their blood in the resistance units all over Iran who are saying “down with the dictators” and exposing the Iranian Regime’s real face. in the recognition of the NCRI, for instance, after the call f Rajavi for justice-seeking, we held many meeting in Belgium. We are asked many times why the Iranian Resistance is the best hope for Iran’s future, and it’s because they are the only group over the past many years that have successfully passed through all the… and even the Iranian regime, they talk about the MEK’s strong organisation and international support. The NCRI and MEK have successfully managed to extend the resistance centre throughout Iran, and have released and ten-point-plan for a future Iran that enjoys widespread support. The mullahs regime failed to destroy this movement in 1988 and started a disinformation campaign through its embassies all over the world. The Belgian authorities are asking the German authorities to extradite the terrorist Iranian diplomat who tried to bomb the MEK in Paris in June. The best opposition to the regime is the Iranian resistance under Maryam Rajavi.

1901: Paris: Bishop Jacques Gaillot

How can we forget all these members of the resistance who sacrificed their lives and were courageous enough to… they sacrificed their lives because they loved their people and wanted freedom and democracy for their people. The people responsible may have forgotten that martyrs are seeds for resistance and their deaths were not in vain and will give fruit today. We are seeing the life that was given by these people by the people rising up now to overthrow a vulnerable and frightened regime.

1905: Paris: Mrs. Anissa Boumedienne

I just want to say a few words in support of Rajavi’s fight for truth and justice and prevent future massacres. I want to commend your actions and condemn the Regime for the massacre. The international regime was silent about these crimes… The regime began to suppress the Iranian people and the freedom gained from the revolution was destroyed by 1980… by 1981, a dictatorship was started… the regime has all the power, therefore the mullahs so-called religious rule was implemented. In the 1988 massacre, there were three types of victims; those who were serving their sentences, those who had served their sentences, and those who had been released but were rearrested to be executed. The majority of these were MEK members… today, still the families of the victims have no graves to visit to mourn their families. some of Khomeini’s close aids protested the massacre, including his second-in-command, and called for a halt to the massacres, but Khomeini insisted that no one should be spared, including children and pregnant women… the perpetrators must be brought to justice before the international criminal court.

1920: Paris: Mr. John Paul (?)

In 1988, I cannot remember hearing in the media anything about the massacre where 30,000 political prisoners were executed…. All of these human beings was denied the rights to have their own life… we are here because we must remember those who died and hold those responsible accountable and we must continue in order to punish the regime. We are all of the same family; the family of freedom lovers. The regime is devastating for Iran and for the middle east and is poisonous for the whole world… the mullah’s regime is the most poisonous of all problems in the world. We support the alternative led by Rajavi and we pray for the day that this alternative brings freedom to Iran.


Those heroes of the 1988 massacre are the result of a dedicated opposition, by the NCRI and MEK, groups that have spent decades opposing the dictatorships in Iran. That’s why the regime is spying on the MEK, plotting terrorist attacks that have thankfully been foiled. That’s why we call on the international community to close the embassies and expel the terrorist diplomats. This is the goal of the Iranian Resistance.

1931: Breaking news was read out. The people in Kurdistan had poured in the streets to protest the Iranian Regime after six of their people have been killed by the mullahs’ agents.

1933: Bucharest: Mr. Mohammad Emami

In the first few days after the Iranian revolution, I found that the Iranian Regime was not supporting the goals of the regime, so I turned to the MEK. the victims in 1988 were already serving sentences when they were killed, including my friends… we will continue in our justice-seeking efforts and we have set up a committee for parliamentarians for a free Iran and they include MPs, Senators, and other dignitaries. In June, the Regime planned a terrorist attack against the MEK and their terrorist diplomat and two agents were caught. We call on Germany to extradite the terrorist diplomat.

1936: Rome: Mr. Esmail Mohaddes

The contemporary history of Iran is a struggle for freedom and under the mullahs regime, the MEK has never stopped their struggle for justice… the 1988 martyrs sacrificed their lives but protected the dignity of the Iranian people and showed that the only way to freedom in Iran is through resistance. It is our duty to be the voice of the Iranian resistance. The uprising of the Iranian people that started at the beginning of this year has shaken the regime and attracted the attention of the international community and that is the result of having an organised leadership in the form of the MEK… the people of Iran are calling for the overthrow of the Iranian regime and the role of the Iranian associations around the world is to support this.

1941: Stuttgart: Mr. Hosein Yaghubi

The NCRI is the only alternative to the regime…. The regime is spreading disinformation against the MEK and tells that world that the MEK has no support, but why then does the regime keep talking about the MEK and trying to attack them? Why do hundreds of thousands of people turn up to the MEK rallies? It is clear that the MEK must have popular support or they would not be able to keep fighting two dictatorships over 50 years and sacrifice 120,000 martyrs.

1946: Bern: Ms. Neda Emami

I want to commemorate the memory of the political prisoners who were massacred. The regime tried to bury their bodies but the victims were seeds. There are many societies in our country that are concerned with the massacre, from human rights groups to the UN… Last month, when the Iranian people were protesting in the streets and calling for an end to the regime, Rouhani came here to buy time for the Regime. The brave Iranians here called for him to be expelled from the country. We support the Iranian Resistance and Rajavi’s ten-point-plan for a free Iran.

1951: Gothenburg: Ms. Soheila Dashti

In recent days, there was very big news. I wanted to use this opportunity to look at this crime from another angle. I’m sure that you have heard that Facebook and Google have removed accounts linked to the Iranian Regime for ignoring rules and regulations. This is top of the news all over the world. In 1988, Khomeini with one fatwa was able to massacre 30,000 people without any media attention. The news was spread by the families…. On one hand, the Regime uses the internet to spread its fundamentalism and disinformation against the Iranian Resistance, but on the other hand they execute bloggers in Iran. we ask the other companies to remove the Regime’s accounts from social media.

1957: Aarhus: Mr. Manouchehr Forouzandeh

On the 30th anniversary of the massacre of 1988, we honour the memory of those who sacrificed their lives and said no to the Iranian Regime and became symbols for all Iranians across the world. Our societies in Denmark have been active for over 20 years, trying to be the voices of the Iranian people through media, human rights groups, unions, politicians, and more. We must differentiate between the Iranian people and the Iranian Regime. We must let the outside world not to work with the Iranian Regime. If you want to help the Iranian people, you have to work with the Resistance under Maryam Rajavi… the correct path is to have a dialogue with the MEK. Denmark must close down the Iranian Regime’s embassy in Copenhagen and we will continue to fight for this.

2002: Vienna: Ms. Minoo Mirkhani

The 1988 massacre is why we are gathered here today… the regime is spreading failure and no hope and has taken advantage of the EU’s policy of appeasement, even though Europe has been the target of Iran’s terrorism. The terrorist diplomat was stationed in Vienna and the embassy should be closed down. Two years ago Rouhani tried to come to Vienna and the Iranian Resistance here organised a protest. The regime petitioned the Austrian government to stop the protest, but the government refused and so Rouhani, scared of facing the Iranian people, cancelled his visit.

2006: Ottawa: Ms. Vahideh Khorramroudi

We are gathering at a time that we see the continuation of the inspiration that we have seen from 1988… the heroes in 1988, particularly the women, stunned the regime by refusing to renounce their ideology…. Today, the voices of those heroes can be heard across the country… we must pay tribute to the women in the MEK who are continuing the protest. We must work with them to overthrow the regime. Long live freedom, down with Khamenei.

2010: Ottawa: Mr. Ahmad Hassani

We pay tribute to the martyrs who stood firm against the Regime… thirty years ago the regime executed the best children of the Iranian nation. The regime thought they could suppress the freedom-loving movement of the Iranian people but they failed. When his designated successor objected, Khomeini said that he took responsibility…. This is a movement where its members have proved their commitment to freedom and democracy by making the ultimate sacrifice. We will never forget these people and we call on all freedom loving people to support the Iranian resistance. Down with Khomeini, long live freedom.

2014: Frankfort: Ms. Fakhri Shirazi

[Crowd chanting] we salute the martyrs and commend their commitment to freedom. These days Khamenei, unable to face the fact that his regime is failing, orders its terrorist diplomat to bomb the MEK, but now the appeasement policy is ending. In Germany, the terrorist diplomat was arrested and two spies were arrested in the US. Terrorism is intrinsically linked to the Regime, so we call on European governments – especially Germany – to end their appeasement of the Regime and not release the terrorist diplomat. The Iranian people will rise up and bring a free Iran.

2018: Rajavi closes the conference with a speech thanking all of the people for their commitment, saluting the brave people of Iran for their protests, and commending the martyrs of 1988. She promised to bring freedom and democracy to Iran.

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