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Lord Carlile calls on EU leaders to Support Iranian People’s Desire for Change

To advocate the Iranian Regime Opposition’s cause, Carlile also asks the British, French, and German governments to extend “simple declarations of support for the Iranian opposition and its message of freedom and democracy for Iran” during the group’s rally in Paris on June 13.

He further explains how important it is for the Prime Minister David Cameron and his European counterparts to publicly recognize “the Iranian people’s desire for change” and asks them to “endorse their struggle for a free, democratic, and truly non-nuclear Iran.”

Carlile puts a strong emphasis on the Iranian government’s abusive use of power, reasons why the Union should take actions in confronting the regime.

“Apart from more than a decade of over Iran’s nuclear weapons programme, there is a worrying list of regional issues which threaten to spread the consequences of Iran’s destabilising influence even beyond the borders of the Middle East.

“Foremost on the minds of most policy-makers, Iran’s growing presence in Iraq and Syria has not only failed to defeat ISIS, but according to observers has contributed to its recruitment by helping to divide the region along strict sectarian lines.

“The event stands each year as a unique declaration of unity of purpose in confronting the Iranian regime, not least on its ongoing human rights abuses, its repression of political dissent, and its intrinsic resistance to internal moderation.”

Carlile proceeds by announcing the upcoming event in Paris where “ the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) will hold its annual Paris rally in support of the Iranian people’s democratic aspirations, and in support of the political opposition to Iran’s religious dictatorship. Attendance at last year’s massive event was in the tens of thousands,, comprising Iranian expatriates, international activists, and political figures from five continents, including members of Parliament from the UK, France, and Germany.”

For Carlile, the need to participate and show united support to the rally is of great consequence because  “threats to global stability and the freedom of entire nations such as are posed by Iran require a firm and united stance.”

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