An Iran without the mullahs has the distinct advantage of already having a parliament and president-in-exile, that are ready, willing, and able, to stabilize Iran for the six-month period between the fall of the mullahs and the free and fair democratic elections that will allow the people to elect their leaders. The parliament is the National Council of Resistance of Iran and its President-elect is Maryam Rajavi.

This means there’s no danger of Iran falling under the power of a sectarian group or requiring outside help to establish a democracy. It also means that the Iranian people and the world know what to expect from a free Iran under Maryam Rajavi, which we will layout here.

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  1. Elections: Maryam Rajavi believes that the only way to obtain political power should be through a free and fair election with universal suffrage.
  2. Personal freedoms: Maryam Rajavi believes in complete freedom of party, assembly, expression, the media, and much more. She also sees unconditional access to the internet for everybody as essential to democracy.
  3. Death penalty: Maryam Rajavi would end the death penalty.
  4. Religion: Maryam Rajavi would separate religion and state. She would also ban any discrimination against followers of any religion and denomination.
  5. Gender Equality: Maryam Rajavi is committed to complete gender equality in all spheres of human life. She would ban discrimination against women and give them back their rights in marriage, divorce, education, and employment. Maryam Rajavi also supports the equal participation of women in political leadership, which is why the NCRI has so many women in leadership.
  6. Justice: Maryam Rajavi would set up a modern legal system based on the principles of:
  • presumption of innocence
  • the right to defense
  • effective judicial protection
  • the right to be tried in a public court
  • the total independence of judges
  • the abolishment of the mullahs’ Sharia law
  1. Economy: Maryam Rajavi would recognize private property, private investment, and the market economy; insisting that all Iranians enjoy equal opportunity in employment and business ventures.
  2. Foreign policy: Maryam Rajavi’s foreign policy would be based on peaceful coexistence, peace, cooperation, and respect for the United Nations Charter.
  3. Nuclear program: Maryam Rajavi would create a non-nuclear Iran, free of weapons of mass destruction.
  4. Equality: Maryam Rajavi is committed to the Universal Declaration of Humans Rights, and international covenants and conventions. She is committed to the equality of all nationalities and the plan for an autonomous Iranian Kurdistan. She believes that the language and culture of residents – no matter their nationality, are human resources that must be promulgated in tomorrow’s Iran.