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Maryam Rajavi and the fight for separation of religion and state in Iran

This is not how Iran should be and it is not how Shiite Islam is supposed to be practised.
True Islam, as Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, notes, bears hardly any resemblance to the bastardised version practised by the mullahs.

Maryam Rajavi has spent the past 50 years fighting for a secular, democratic Iran and has outlined the need for the separation of religion and state in Iran in countless speeches and writings. Here, we shall summarise Maryam Rajavi’s points.

Rejection of compulsory religion
Maryam Rajavi explains that there is no place for compulsory religion in a modern society and notes that the medieval Sharia laws, the excommunication of opponents, and despotism dressed up as religion are actually violations of Islam and the liberating Muhammadan religion.

Acceptance of a tolerant and liberal Islam
Maryam Rajavi notes that in the view of the Iranian Resistance, Islam represents democracy, compassion, tolerance, equality, and freedom, including freedom from compulsion, oppression, and exploitation.

Maryam Rajavi said: “So long as this regime is in power in Iran, the people of Iran and other nations in the Middle East will not enjoy freedom and democracy. This regime, which continues to persist on acquiring the nuclear bomb, despite opposition by the Iranian people and the international community, is a global threat.”

Rejection of religious discrimination
Maryam Rajavi and her compatriots believe that all religions should be viewed as equal under the law, citing that for too long religious differences have divided people, which is one of the Regime’s objectives. This is why Maryam Rajavi would support the rights of all religious people to practice their faith.

Maryam Rajavi advises that Islam rejects all forms of religious strife and hostility, but that the Iranian Regime has created a war between Sunni and Shiite during the Iran-Iraq war, when Supreme Leader Ruhollah Khomeini made it clear that he wanted to liberate Jerusalem via Karbala.

Maryam Rajavi explains that Khomeini fanned the flames of hatred by arresting and executing Sunnis, while destroying their mosques.
They have also massacred thousands of the Shiite Mojahedin who attempted to stop the Regime from its brutality.

Maryam Rajavi said: “Therefore, both Shiites and Sunnis, have a common enemy: the fundamentalist theocracy ruling Iran.”

How to stop the Iranian Regime
Maryam Rajavi advises that there is only one way to stop the Iranian Regime from destroying Iran, the Middle East, and the world as a whole, which is for the complete eviction of the mullahs’ and their mutilated version of Islam, from the world.

Maryam Rajavi said: “The solution in Iraq is to evict the mullahs’ forces, to empower Sunni power-sharing, and to arm the Sunni tribes. The solution in Syria is to evict the Iranian regime’s forces and to support the people of Syria in overthrowing Assad’s dictatorship.

The solution in Yemen is to stand up to Tehran, as the Arab coalition has already begun to do. This course of action must be sustained until the regime’s infiltration is rooted out across the region.”

This will end the brutal terrors of the Iranian Regime and their state-mandated religion.

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