Mrs Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, described today’s missile attack on Camp Liberty that resulted in deaths of two members of PMOI and injuring of 50, a “cowardly reaction by Khamenei in response to his downfall crisis and the boycott of his election sham.”

“The election masquerade, whatever the outcome would be, will enter the mullahs’ regime into a new phase of fragility and instability,” said Mrs. Rajavi, adding “Therefore, with today’s criminal attack, Khamenei intends to hide the crisis inside his regime from the eyes of observers and prevent people’s uprising by creating terror.”

Mrs. Rajavi emphasized that the attack unveils the irresponsible approaches made by the United Nations and United States, keeping silent and taking no action for four months with regard to the foreseen imminent danger. “For the past four months the representative of the United Nations in Iraq took no action to open Liberty’s gates and transfer the Mojahedin to Ashraf and nor did he try the minimum to provide them the minimum security necessities at Liberty,” She said.

“Families of martyrs and injured, in addition to the Iranian and resistance communities demand that Martin Kobler be held accountable legally for sending Ashraf residents to Liberty prison and all his criminal actions,” said Mr. Rajavi.

Following this third deadly attack against Liberty residents, on Saturday afternoon, Mrs. Rajavi wrote in separate letters to U.S. Secretary of State, U.N. Secretary General, and the High Commissioner for Refugees, calling for immediate action by the United Nations and the U.S. Government to return the Mojahedin from Liberty to Ashraf so they can be provided with more security. She underlined the fact that “Iranian regime and the Government of Iraq are determined to carryout total massacre of the refugees and asylum seekers.”