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Maryam Rajavi Message to Iran Freedom Convention: Part 2

Maryam Rajavi President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)

Here, we will look at the speech in more detail.

Maryam Rajavi began by saying that the overthrow of the regime was within reach and the people will not stop until the mullahs are removed from office, as we saw during the nationwide November and January uprisings. Then, she moved onto the Iranian Regime’s top general and notorious terrorist Qasem Soleimani.

She said: “The regime had not had anyone like [him] over the past 40 years. Single-handedly, he embodied the depravity and ruthlessness of the mullahs’ regime. All of the regime’s internal factions were united in supporting him. But how did this murderous criminal become the regime’s indisputable number 2?”

Maryam Rajavi said that Soleimani had spent his whole career-killing people on behalf of the Iranian regime. She then spoke about one of the most horrific things that Soleimani did, the 2013 massacre in Camp Ashraf, Iraq.

On September 1, 2013, 52 members of the Iranian Resistance were killed and seven more taken hostage during an attack that Soleimani planned and directed.

Maryam Rajavi said that three days later, Soleimani had attended a session of the Assembly of Experts to report on his crime and described it as more significant than the regime’s military operation against the Resistance in 1988, which actually led to the murder of 30,000 political prisoners.

Maryam Rajavi said that Soleimani was, before and after this massacre, the main official responsible for over 90 terrorist operations against the Iranian Resistance in Iraq, including:

  • the missile attack on Fa’ezeh base camp on June 22, 1997
  • the vicious rocket attack on Camp Liberty on October 29, 2015, which led to the death of 24 Resistance members
  • the slaughter of Resistance members on July 28 and 29, 2009, where 13 people were shot and axed to death
  • the attack of April 8, 2011, when they ran over Resistance members with Humvees and shot them at point-blank range, killing 36 residents

She said: “He was truly the embodiment of the Velayat-e Faqih dictatorship. His death signals the end of the regime. Soleimani was the architect of the regime’s strategy of export of fundamentalism and terrorism.”

Maryam Rajavi explained that his crimes were not limited to the Resistance or even the Iranian people, but that he also posed a threat to the people of Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, and Iraq.

She said: “[The regime’s] strategy of exporting fundamentalism and terrorism is disintegrating altogether as the people of the Middle East are rising up. To this end, the elimination of the commander of the terrorist Quds Force represents a turning point.

For this reason, the political groups and parties, Iranian and non-Iranian, who benefit from the continued rule of the mullahs’ regime are reeling over Soleimani’s termination.”

Maryam Rajavi accused the regime apologists of the hypocrisy of criticizing Soleimani’s execution using human rights as an excuse, but not mentioning human rights when the regime kills 1,500 protesters or arrests 12,000 of them.

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