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Maryam Rajavi Message to UK Politicians

Message to parliamentary conference in Britain advocating support for the Iran uprising, decisive policy on Iran...

She began by thanking the members of the Houses of Commons and Lords for supporting the Iranian people’s uprising against the religious dictatorship ruling their country and for adopting a decisive policy against the mullahs.

Maryam Rajavi said: “The Iran uprising will not be stopped. The struggle of the people of Iran, the resistance units, and rebellious youth will continue to end the religious fascism.”

She advised that the Iranian regime has suffered some serious setbacks in recent weeks, specifically the Iran uprising in November, when Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei ordered the Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) to open fire on protesters in November, killing at least 1,500, and the death of the terrorist Quds Force commander Qassem Soleimani.

Maryam Rajavi explained that Soleimani’s death in a US drone strike on Iran, alongside major uprisings by the people of Iraq and Lebanon specifically targeting Iranian interference in their countries, was a major blow to the regime’s strategy of export of war and terrorism to the Middle East.

She said: “It is necessary more than any other time to evict the IRGC from the Middle East.”

Maryam Rajavi then spoke about the IRGC’s downing of the Ukrainian passenger plane in Tehran on January 8, which killed 176 innocent people and caused international outrage. She called it a “horrific crime” that Iranians “will neither forgive nor forget” and called for Khamenei, President Hassan Rouhani and the IRGC commanders to be brought to justice.

She said that following the regime’s admittance of guilt, students and the general public came out into the streets to call for regime change, chanting “death to Khamenei” and “death to the dictator”.

Maryam Rajavi explained that the regime in their brutal crackdown has even gone as far as arresting the British Ambassador in breach of the Vienna Convention.

She then noted that the regime has violated its commitments under the nuclear deal, which the UK has already opened a dispute mechanism about, and emphasized that the UN Security Council should reapply their six resolutions and comprehensive sanctions against the regime. She noted that the mullahs never stopped their nuclear weapons project.

Maryam Rajavi said: “We are at a sensitive moment in the history of the people of Iran. The Iranian Resistance seeks to establish a republic based on people’s free choice and vote, separation of religion and state, pluralism, gender equality, and the abolition of the death penalty. I urge you to be the voice of the people of Iran in both houses of the UK Parliament.”

She told the MPs and the Lords to urge the British government to “adopt a decisive policy on Iran and recognize the right of the Iranian people to resistance”. She said that the UK government must take urgent action to free arrested protesters and refer the dossier on the regime’s crimes to the Security Council.

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