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Maryam Rajavi Recent Statements on Strikes, Coronavirus, and Regime Terrorism

Maryam Rajavi: The clerical regime has abandoned our people in the clutches of disease, unemployment, and poverty. They do not pay workers and nurses’ salaries. The only solution is replacing the mullahs’ oppressive rule in Iran with people’s sovereignty and the rule of democracy.


On August 1, Maryam Rajavi hailed the oppressed oil workers in Abadan, Mahshahr, Qeshm, Parsian, Lamerd, and South Pars for their strike against unfair and unsafe working conditions, where they cited the non-payment of wages and bonuses as well as a lack of minimum safety provisions as to major concerns. She then called on other Iranians to support them.

She said: “Through oppressive contracts, the clerical regime exploits the workers and does not even pay their meager wages. It squanders the country’s capital in nuclear and missile projects as well as terrorism or plunders it or sends it to the bank accounts of its officials and their families abroad… The oppressed workers have risen to obtain their plundered rights by the anti-labor regime.”


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The workers on strike are from Abadan and Mahshahr refineries, Qeshm Heavy Oil Refinery, Parsian Refinery, the Petrochemical Company in Lamerd (Fars Province), and phases 22 and 24 of South Pars in Kangan (Bushehr Province). They condemned those breaking the strike in a statement and stressed that their names would be published soon.

On July 29, employees of the North Azadegan oil field went on strike over low wages just after the executive director threatened to fire some of them.


On July 30, Iranian diplomat terrorist Assadollah Assadi, on trial for attempting to bomb the 2018 Free Iran gathering in Paris, had his second preliminary hearing, which he refused to attend.

Maryam Rajavi had previously testified for seven hours and gave documents that prove this major terrorist operation was decided by the Supreme National Security Council. She stressed that the other perpetrators of this crime – Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, President Hassan Rouhani, Foreign Minister Javad  Zarif, and Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi – must be prosecuted too.

On July 20, she said this was one of the regime’s two largest terrorist plots in Europe since coming to power and proves that the regime fears the Resistance.

Maryam Rajavi emphasized that the world must close all Iranian embassies and diplomatic missions, which are used for terrorist activities, and that the regime’s agents must be expelled from European countries.


After the coronavirus death toll in Iran surpassed 78,800 on July 29, Maryam Rajavi expressed her grief.

She said: “The unprecedented spike in Coronavirus across the country and the regrettable number of victims are entirely the results of criminal policies pursued by Khamenei and Rouhani. The current situation was both predictable and preventable. The Iranian Resistance and many domestic and foreign experts had warned about it repeatedly. This is a manifest case of crime against humanity. Overcoming Coronavirus, as is the case with overcoming poverty, high prices and unemployment, as well as containing the destructive impact of flood and earthquake in contingent upon overthrowing the clerical regime and establishing people’s sovereignty, in which case all of our nation’s resources will be utilized for advancing and improving people’s lives.”

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