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Maryam Rajavi’s Eid Speech: Part 4

Maryam Rajavi warned against the situation of prisoners, especially Urmia prisoners, again urged the United Nations Secretary-General, UN Security Council, and other relevant international bodies to take action to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe in the regime's prisons.

This does not even take into account the hundreds of billions spent on other warfare and terrorism schemes.

On May 22, which was the last Friday during the month of Ramadan, Maryam Rajavi said that the Iranian regime had to cancel its plans for Qods Day, a holiday designed by the regime to call for the destruction of Israel.

In a speech on the subject, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei launched a wave of criticism against historic Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, which Maryam Rajavi said is actually “a badge of honor” and “further testament to Arafat’s integrity and pride”. Khamenei then praised Iranian regime-backed terrorist groups Hezbollah and Hamas and said that he is finalizing plans to deliver weapons to them amidst the coronavirus pandemic, at a time when the Iranian people are chanting that they don’t want the regime spending the money on other countries, but on Iran. (Meanwhile, the regime claims not to have enough money to pay non-essential workers to stay home or to provide adequate protective equipment to healthcare workers.)

To really hammer the point home, the former chair of the parliamentary Security and Foreign Policy Committee admitted that $30 billion of the Iranian people’s wealth has been spent to prop up the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad. This money is directly stolen from the Iranian people, through either higher taxes, the selling off of natural resources, or the increase in the costs of essentials. (The Iranian Resistance reports that the regime has made an extra $11.5 million per day after they tripled the cost of fuel in November, something that led to a nationwide uprising that would have unseated the regime if the crackdown had not been so swift and so brutal.)

The regime claims not to have any money to tackle the coronavirus, but back on March 7, the Iranian Resistance Leader Massoud Rajavi called for the $100 billion in the Setad-e Ejraee Farman-e Imam foundation, the Mostazafan Foundation, and being spent on warfare and terrorism across the Middle East, to be instead used for healthcare in Iran.

Maryam Rajavi cited Mr. Rajavi as saying that the budgets, capital, and resources, allocated to the regime’s nuclear and missile programs, as well as the Red Crescent, which he said is designed to “advance the regime’s reactionary ideology and terrorism objectives”, should be spent on treating coronavirus patients in Iran.

He said: “The assets of the Astan-e Qods Razavi in Khorasan province, which has amassed huge wealth and capital by exploiting the name of Imam Reza and obtaining astronomical religious endowments, and which is controlled by Khamenei, can currently pay for the delayed wages and salaries of workers, teachers, and office employees on the eve of the (Persian) New Year, and it can also pay for their treatment.”

Maryam Rajavi then noted that Massoud Rajavi had also called for political prisoners to be immediately released to “prevent a coronavirus catastrophe in the regime’s prisons”.


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