International Reporter: The call is being received with the depth of heart and being acknowledged by many, at least GBA is one of them to endorse her voice, which is perfectly humanoid and social on one hand and international on the other. 

The GBA in its meeting held in New Delhi today read out the call that Mrs. Rajavi gave to all those who acknowledge the human values and fundamental freedom of people, which is totally denied by the Mullah regime of Iran, which she rightly termed as terrorist dictatorship ruling Iran, whose acts are of extreme terrorists for all those who differ on their thoughts with them.

The people in the GBA meeting in New Delhi held her today on April 07, 2014,saluted to her thrice for such a great, prominent, and fearless call; quite an impressive move, she wants the entire world community, especially the UN Secretary-General, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief, the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Iran,

She wants that the United Nations and all international authorities advocating human rights, should strongly condemn these atrocities, which the GBA has agreed today to endorse her views in totality. 

The GBA Vice Chairperson Mrs. Tripta Bhatia said, “ The world is not deficient of top female leaders, Mrs. Rajavi is the best example in the world, who is fighting for the noble and human cause with her will and strong determination.” 

She added: “ Mrs. Maryam Rajavi’s call carries a significant impact on the world politicians as we have seen in India despite hurdles by the Iranian Regime.”

GBA President Dr. Raj Baldev, Cosmo Theorist, thanked the House for welcoming the call by Mrs. Maryam Rajavi and said: “We condemn the assassination of Sunni clergies, the trusties and civilians in this province and stand by Mrs. Rajavi’s dynamic leadership and her call. 

The GBA President said: “Mrs. Maryam Rajavi is carrying a torch of a noble cause, a specific purpose, a drive of genuine freedom for the people in Iran, and if I am not mistaken, her goal is for the whole world, for all women in the world, who may be suffering in some form or the other, you will find her always standing at their back to encourage them.” 

Mrs. Shashi Kala, one of the executive members put a question to President GBA: “Whom do you compare Mrs. Rajavi with any other top women in the world?”

Dr. Raj Baldev, GBA President said: “I am proud to have a lady like you in the GBA executive committee who asked me such a genius question, which is very much relevant today, particularly in Iran where the people are treated worse than animals and it is Mrs. Rajavi who is fighting for them, encouraging to withstand the situation and fight for their rights. Mrs. Rajavi has taught them to sacrifice for the cause, what come may; it teaches us the value of life even in odd time.” 

Dr. Raj Baldev continued: “In my view, it shall not be proper for me to compare her personality with any other top lady in the world, since Mrs. Maryam Rajavi’s noble cause is unparalleled, supreme and unequal; she is fighting for a cause of her country while she is living outside the country and protecting her countrymen and women from different types of tortures, though she is away from them, still she is very much with them.”

GBA President futher said: “In my view, it is her presence in the world that counts, Irani people who are tortured with their country or beyond, feel there is someone to protect them, and she is Mrs. Rajavi; whose strong calls and appeals with strong words, to the UN, US and other countries, do work. She builds a big pressure over Iran, and her voice has kept the Dictatorship of Iran to commit minimum tortures openly.

“Time is not very far, when Mrs. Rajavi would be able to achieve her final goal for which Almighty God has sent her in the world with a noble motto which she is perfectly and outstanding accomplishing. In short, all the women in the world should feel proud of her and should learn from her matchless leadership,” said GBA President.