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Maryam Rajavi’s Ramadan Speech: Part 1

The mullahs are enemies of Iran and Islam and cannot escape from the quagmire of disease and death with which they have afflicted the Iranian people

This is what we will talk about in this series and will start by talking about Maryam Rajavi’s comments on Ramadan and the regime.

She said that Muslims use Taqva (restraint) to free themselves from the status quo and strengthen their resolve to fight the bigger battles ahead. Those in defense of freedom, justice, and the lives of others. Those that will see the Iranian regime overthrown in favor of the people’s government, led by Maryam Rajavi.

Maryam Rajavi explained that Ramadan is the time to think of those worse off than yourself; the poor, the homeless, the starving, the unjustly imprisoned, the sick, and all those living under the oppressive yoke of the mullahs in Iran.

She said: “It is the time to ask about the people whose right to live in freedom and equality has been trampled upon by the barbaric and plunderer mullahs.”

Maryam Rajavi said that Ramadan is also the month of Imam Ali, who is a champion of the deprived, the oppressed, and those seeking justice and equity. She quoted Imam Ali as saying that “Justice safeguards everyone” and “is a universal ethos”, but that in complete opposition to him, the mullahs are focused solely on oppression, crime, and plunder.

She said: “In Ramadan, the ruling mullahs become more and more disgraced for what they have done to the masses. Ramadan contrasts the images of the owners and passengers of cars worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, with the overwhelming majority who suffer from illness, poverty, hunger, and oppression in spreading. It contrasts the colorful dining tables of a small minority with the empty baskets of tens of millions of plundered Iranians. It contrasts the palaces, villas and royal living conditions of the detested billionaire mullahs with millions of slum dwellers who suffer from abject poverty.”

Maryam Rajavi advised that those lacking suitable accommodation, healthcare, or food, who cannot make ends meet in normal times, let alone when the coronavirus is ravaging the world and the mullahs are refusing to shelter their people with the money stored in foundations controlled by the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

She noted that the only reason the Iranian people are suffering in this way is that the mullahs “usurped the people’s wealth and rights”, something very un-Islamic.

After all, the Quran warns that those who refuse to help orphans, the destitute, and other needy people, preferring to “monopolize the sources of production and public wealth”, are “neglectful and not honest in their prayers”. While Ayatollah Seyed Mahmoud Taleghani wrote that worshippers wishing to become closer to God must wor towards everyone having resources, rights, and life. Otherwise, they are “hypocrites, not worshippers”. He further stressed that people who prevent the public from benefiting from the means of production should be “forced to relinquish their grip”.

Maryam Rajavi said: “The grip of oppressive and plundering rulers on the people of Iran must be relinquished. The tyrannical rule built on injustice, theft, and pillage must be brought down.”


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