This is what we will talk about in this series and here we will talk about the prayers that Maryam Rajavi offered up for the Iranian people during this holy month and at this testing time. 

She said: “Dear Lord, in your month and your feast, we are praying to you… So, we ask for your mercy in the face of this disease and in the face of the evil of the ruling mullahs.”  

Maryam Rajavi said prayers for the recovery of the coronavirus patients, whether receiving medical care or not, all across Iran. She said prayers for the homeless, for the oppressed, and for the plundered people of Iran, who are defenseless against the regime and the virus. 

She further said prayers from the prisoners, held captive in the mullahs’ dungeons, being tortured by members of the Judiciary, IRGC, and Ministry of Intelligence. Then, she prayed for the Iranian medical staff who have been protecting coronavirus patients for months, asking for them to be granted with “patience and tolerance”, as well as being kept safe from the virus and the mullahs. 

Maryam Rajavi said: “O’ Great Lord, increase the endurance of our people in the face of the coronavirus crisis, keep them safe, and save and liberate Iran and all Iranians from the evil virus of the mullahs’ religious dictatorship.” 

She further said prayers for the Resistance Units who are still fighting against the regime at this time, saying that she hopes that Iranian Resistance leader, Massoud Rajavi’s, cry of “agony and outrage” will inspire Iranians, especially the young people to unite and rebel against the regime. 

Maryam Rajavi said: “Help [Massoud Rajavi] lead our wounded country through his qualified leads to the shores of freedom, health, and justice. Give him, his supporters and the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK) the ability to overthrow the velayat-e faqih regime and to liberate the Iranian people from the evil of these inhuman enemies.” 

She continued: “The MEK, and members and supporters of this Resistance, are in great agony over the suffering of their people and the calamities inflicted on them. Help them turn their grief and drive into a battle that is a hundred times more intense. Give them greater power in adhering to their pledge to liberate their enchained people and homeland and forge ahead on this path so that Iran would be cleansed of the two vicious viruses of the mullahs and coronavirus.” 

Maryam Rajavi asked God for help to bring to fruition what the MEK is fighting for – the freedom of the Iranian people. She asked for God to bless the Iranian people and the MEK with perseverance, strength, and victory over the regime. 

She said: “Ramadan will be blessed in this way. May God bless the people of Iran with health, goodness, and prosperity.” 


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