In the speech, Maryam Rajavi called on France, and by extension the EU, to abandon the appeasement policy on the Iranian Regime and stand with the Iranian people who are calling for justice.

In our last piece, we looked at the Regime’s terrorism abroad. In this article, we will learn about the Resistance Units in Iran and how nationwide protests are forcing the Regime to strike out against the Resistance at home and abroad.

Maryam Rajavi advised that Iran’s policy of creating terrorism abroad is directly linked to their increased domestic instability, where people are calling for regime change in a nationwide uprising and sanctions are reducing the Regime’s ability to rule by force.

The Iranian Regime is using terror plots and assassination attempts to achieve two targets:
1) Distract from the internal chaos
2) Take out the exiled Iranian Resistance groups responsible for leading the uprising
To be clear, the Iranian Regime is in economic crisis, with oil exports, government revenues, the value of the currency, and the economic growth rate all falling by a considerable amount, whilst unemployment and inflation are hovering around 40% at an absolute minimum. This is not primarily down to US sanctions, but rather significant mismanagement of the economy over four decades.

Yet, the Regime has only increased its military and security expenditures, taking money away from social projects. It’s clear that the Regime is not looking out for its people.
Thankfully, the Iranian Resistance, led by Maryam Rajavi, is, which is why they’ve set up Resistance Units in Iran to counter the mullahs. These units, powered by freedom-loving Iranians who were the driving force behind the 2017 uprisings, are spreading their anti-regime activities across the country and have become beacons of hope for the Iranian people.

But, as Maryam Rajavi explained, the mullahs have turned to terrorism and disinformation campaigns to discredit and remove the Iranian Resistance. They’ve accused the Resistance of suppressing the French people, simply because a great deal of Resistance members live in France, which are the same tired allegations levied against the Resistance when they lived in Iraq. They’ve also produced 126 movies and TV series against the Resistance in 2018 alone.

Maryam Rajavi said: “[The Regiem] are extremely concerned about the role and impact of the [Iranian Resistace] in the uprisings. The theocratic regime ruling Iran spends exorbitant sums of money on creating a network of reporters who are friends of the Ministry of Intelligence. Through them, the regime deploys the foreign press against the Iranian Resistance to project that the regime does not have any alternatives and the interests of western countries are best served by dealing with their regime.”

Indeed, the Regime is scared of the Resistance and in our next piece, we will look at what the Resistance is calling on the world to do.