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Massage of Maryam Rajavi for the anniversary of massacre of political prisonners

These days mark the anniversary of massacre of thirty thousand political prisoners in Iran in 1988. 

They were the heroes and heroines of the Iranian people who were executed by Khomeini’s fatwa for their belief in freedom or refusing to abandon their commitment to the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran and its struggle for a free Iran. 

Iranian people, for generations will remember the historical perseverance of these victims. 

Despite mullahs’ ruthless suppression, Khavaran, one of the mass grave sites in Tehran has turned into a gathering place for bereaved families and those who aspire a free Iran. 

Twenty five years has passed but this epic resistance for freedom still continues. 

In a shameful and evil division of labour, Khomeini and his mullahs spilled the blood of the political prisoners and subsequently the regime’s appeasers and those who serve the mullahs’ interests did their best to conceal this crime.


But, they have failed.

The most important factor in their defeat has been the leadership of Massoud Rajavi and presence of the resistance and a democratic movement committed to the goals and aspirations of the fallen heroes and heroines. 

Particularly with perseverance of thousands of PMOI freedom fighters in Liberty and Ashraf striving for freedom and democracy in Iran.

Based on undeniable evidence, and according to international jurists, and international human rights institutions, this is a clear case of crime against humanity and genocide.

Neither crime against humanity nor genocide can be overlooked. 

Lack of proper response for such a grave crime would only embolden the masterminds and the perpetrators to continue their crimes. 

On behalf of Iranian people and the Iranian resistance I call on the United Nations to form an investigation commission about the massacre of political prisoners in Iran in 1988 and urge the Security Council to establish a special tribunal and to prosecute the perpetrators and masterminds of this crime. 

Finally, I call on the international community including the United States, European Union and the United Nations to take immediate actions for protection of the pioneers of the Iranian people, PMOI members in Ashraf and Liberty, who are continuing the path of these fallen prisoners.

I salute the memory of all prisoners who were massacred and the symbol of Mojahed prisoners, Monireh Rajavi that her principal crime was being the sister of Massoud Rajavi, the leader of Resistance, and her love for freedom.

I salute also the memory of 120,000 members and sympathizers of the Iranian Resistance who sacrificed their lives for the cause of Iran’s freedom. 

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