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MEK Breathes New Life Into Resistance

Resistance units members and MEK supporters have for over a week been targeting images of Qassem Soleimani to prove once again that the Iranian people loathe this mass murderer.

The MEK also worked on training the Iranian people in new strategies to resist the mullahs.

This led to the MEK Resistance Units spreading rapidly across Iran, with the MEK building connections in every city to provide information, encourage citizens to resist and work with the public to overthrow the regime. They will hand out literature to those who are willing to or interested in resisting the oppressive regime.

The MEK units have also been painting anti-regime slogans in public places and putting up posters of MEK leaders Maryam and Massoud Rajavi. The MEK units are also tearing down posters of regime leaders or signs for the brutal security forces and replacing them with anti-regime posters and signs.

Although these may well seem like small actions by the MEK, it’s important to remember that it is a banned opposition group in Iran and membership is illegal. The penalty for being a member of the MEK in Iran is death.

On May 20, 2019, Tehran’s Revolutionary Court sentenced a MEK Resistance Unit member to death for anti-regime activities, while three other MEK members were given five-year sentences for giving out anti-regime literature.

These types of sentences for MEK members have only become more common over the past few years as the regime struggles to contain the MEK’s role in leading the Resistance Movement.

But even though, there are these harsh sentences, the MEK and its members are not deterred. In fact, their activities have only become more prominent and this will continue until the regime is overthrown.

The November 2019 uprising in Iran, which spread to 191 cities, was an all-out rebellion against the regime that was only barely suppressed when the regime sent all of its repressive forces out to fire on unarmed protesters, sometimes from helicopters and rooftops, and killed 1,500 people.

Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei blamed the MEK for the protests in a November 17 speech, noting that the MEK called for these actions and are continuously encouraging them.

Days later, the opposition leader Maryam Rajavi said in a speech to the Iranian people: “Over the past year, the Resistance Units kept the flames of protests alight all over Iran despite horrendous pressure and persecution by the mullahs’ Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) and Intelligence Ministry (MOIS). They endured great pain, suffering, torture, and imprisonment to move towards organizing the great Army of Freedom.”

In January, the MEK played a leading role during another protest against the regime after the mullahs admitted to shooting down a Ukrainian jet. This protest has so far spread to 40 cities in 20 provinces and will grow stronger. This is evidence that the regime is holding onto power by a thread and the MEK will not give up.

The MEK risk their lives every day to lay the groundwork for a free Iran. The MEK is ready to guide the people of Iran to a democratic future.


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