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MEK conference on anti-regime protests and Iran’s terrorism

In previous articles this week, we’ve spoken about the speech of MEK leader Maryam Rajavi at the conference, during which she said that a firm approach towards the mullahs was the only way for Western leaders to see any sort of change in Iran.

She also said that if the international community was unwilling to stand up for the rights of the targeted MEK, they should surely still be willing to stand up for the rights of their own citizens, given that most of these terror attacks were planned to hit European countries. Indeed, so far this year, we know of at least three thwarted Regime terror attacks against the MEK in France, Albania, and the US.

But perhaps most importantly, Rajavi explained that the MEK was the group that would soon bring freedom to Iran, thanks to their longstanding commitment and the support of the Iranian people.

Rajavi was far from the only person at the event to laud the MEK for its tireless dedication to bring freedom to Iran.

Former Congressman Patrick Kennedy said that the MEK and their noble cause enjoyed bipartisan support in the US, contrary to the propaganda of the Regime.
Kennedy, a long-time MEK supporter, said: “[We] stand with the Iranian people in their desire for change and to have a republic based on free election, separation of religion and state and gender equality. It is within this context that we support Maryam Rajavi and her ten-point declaration for a free Iran.”

He said that the mullahs anti-MEK propaganda, actually just showed how scared the Regime was of the MEK, its popularity, and its role in the anti-regime protests. He then called on Europe to stand up to the mullahs over their terrorism and region meddling.

While Ingrid Betancourt, a former Colombian Presidential Candidate, agreed with the idea that Europe should adopt a firm approach toward the Regime, as it has markedly increased its terrorist activities and propaganda against the MEK in Europe over the past year.
She said: “This clearly shows the fear of the regime from the MEK and its decisive role in the continued anti-regime protests in Iran and their desire for regime change.”

Also in attendance were representatives from more than 300 Iranian associations, who pledged their support for the MEK and their Ten-Point Plan for a Free Iran.
Fershteh Riazi Doust from The Netherlands said that the MEK has stood up to slander from the Regime, whilst wanting nothing for itself; only freedom for Iran.

While Amineh Gharaee from Norway brought up the 1988 massacre of 30,000 MEK members by the Regime, which still goes unpunished, and called for the mullahs to face consequences.

Other participants in the conference included Minister of State for Diaspora and former Prime Minister of Albania Pandeli Majko; Republican Party Leader and former Albanian Defense Minister Fatmir Mediu; former Algerian Prime Minister Syed Ahmad Ghozali; Deputy Leader of the UK Liberal Democratic Party Lord Navnit Dholakia; French Governor and former Director of DST Yves Bonnet; Chair of the Committee on Equality of Men and Women in the Parliament of Romania Christina Luristina; Deputy Chair of the Financial Committee in the Senate of South Ireland Gerry Horkan; Member of Italian Parliament Antonio Tasso; Member of the Norwegian Parliamentary Judiciary Committee Peter Eide, and more.

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