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MEK exposes Iranian regime’s destructive behaviour again

The MEK indicate that the IRGC is expanding its training program for foreign mercenaries in order to ramp up its involvement in Afghanistan, Bahrain, Iraq, Syria and Yemen. There are numerous training camps spread across Iran and the MEK has been able to identify 14. 

The Iranian Resistance has supported the Trump administration’s decision to impose more sanctions on those affiliated with weapons acquisition for the Iranian regime. The resistance maintains that this is a necessary step in trying to confront the Iranian regime’s dictatorship.

The Resistance said that the sanctions need to be comprehensive if they are to be effective. And they need to be imposed on the IRGC and its many affiliates, as well as any part of the Iranian leadership that has a part in the suppression of the people of Iran. 

Economic pressure is an effective way of tackling the Iranian regime because it will struggle to continue to support and fund terrorism across the Middle East. 

Only two months ago the MEK was able to expose some of the Iranian regime’s destructive behaviour in the region, especially in Syria. It revealed that the IRGC has numerous bases around the city of Aleppo and had foreign militias (from Afghanistan, Iraq and Lebanon) intervene to participate in the bloodshed. 

As a result of this information, the Washington Times described the IRGC as an occupying force, highlighting that the IRGC was responsible for 25,000 fighters in Syria from Iran and abroad. 

The MEK also revealed the Iranian regime’s propaganda campaign that was used to enlist children into the forces. The Iranian regime said that the purpose was to “defend the sacred shrine” in Syria.

For many years now, the MEK has been instrumental in exposing the Iranian regime and the IRGC. The risks taken by the people who obtain the information are phenomenal and have been crucial in making the world a safer place. The MEK has an extraordinary capacity to gain information and has made the international community aware of the dangerous nature of the Iranian regime. 

The MEK wants to ban the death penalty and separate religion and state. It wants a pluralistic system of governance and universal suffrage as the sole criterion for legitimacy. Respect for freedom and equality, as well as equal participation of women in political leadership, a fair judicial system, free markets and relations with other countries are all matters that are important to the MEK. And of course, a non-nuclear Iran is another main goal. 


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