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MEK: Iran Regime in Crisis

Iran's regime is lying about its coronavirus crisis and false death tolls are just one way the regime refuses to address the crisis.

One of these crises is the economic one, with the regime’s own experts saying that the Iranian economy is on the verge of collapse, which is why the regime was so keen to start sending people back to work from April 11. The mullahs wanted to evade an uprising of the hungry, who could not afford to feed their families.

But this may have partially steadied one crisis and created another because the MEK cites medical and scientific experts who say that unless new measures are not adopted soon, the death toll will keep rising at an alarming rate.

The Iranian regime recently decided to remove four zeros from the currency in a desperate attempt to stave off economic collapse, but this was a ridiculous move. For one thing, the impact of this is likely to be minor. For another, the effects might not even be seen for a couple of years, by which point inflation may have wiped them out altogether.

The MEK wrote: “This move is just another example of the regime’s incompetency and a sign that the country’s economy is virtually bankrupt… The move could be considered a political one rather than an economic one.”

The MEK predicted that the only result of this move would be increased economic pressure on the Iranian people with higher inflation and difficulty affording necessities, with the best-case scenario being that people’s purchasing power stays the same.

Sadly, because corruption in the regime is so widespread, systematic, and intrinsic at all levels of leadership, there is no way that the regime will root out this corruption themselves. Instead, they’ll have to be overthrown in an uprising by the Iranian people; something that is coming soon.

The MEK said that there is so much corruption in the regime that there is little time between each scandal; the most recent of which is the transfer of Social Security Investment Company, Shasta, to the stock exchange, robbing the people.

The MEK explained that the Coronavirus crisis has increased economic turmoil because of “an inevitable decline in economic activity” and the rise in unemployment.

Due to this, the crash in oil prices, and the US sanctions working in the way they were intended, the pressure is increasing on the Iranian regime and the mullahs are finding themselves in a terrible situation. This has given the regime a “legitimate concern” over an imminent anti-government uprising from people at the corruption and mismanagement that is making matters worse for the people of Iran.

The MEK wrote: “During the last major uprising at the end of last year, the people made it very clear that they would not be silenced. The Iranian regime tried to quash dissent by being very heavy-handed against protesters. Many people were killed by the regime’s brutality and many thousands were injured and/or arrested. However, this action serves only to make the people of Iran more determined in their quest for freedom, the respect for human rights and democracy.”


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