Canadian-Iranian Somayeh Mohammadi, a MEK member for over 20 years has spoken out about claims from her own parents that she is being kept at the MEK headquarters, named Ashraf 3 after the group’s first camp near the Iran-Iraq border.

Somayeh, 38, said: “When I wanted to leave Canada and join the [MEK] movement my parents (Mostafa and Mahboubeh) gave me their consent to do this.”
But then, for some unknown reason, Mostafa changed his mind.

Somayeh said: “[My dad] came many times in Iraq … around Camp Ashraf and installed 320 loudspeakers [through which they shouted abuse and played very loud music 24 hours a day]. My father was one of them. They threatened to kill all of us in the camp. He was claiming that he loves me as my father but he was against what I wanted to do. What kind of father would do this to their child?”

She explained that the Iranian Regime often uses parents of MEK members to encourage their children to leave the group, with her own father even claiming that she was being held hostage by the group and providing childhood photos and videos of her to the Regime for anti-MEK propaganda videos.

Somayeh said: “All these things are to prepare the ground for terrorist attacks against [MEK].”

This is a chilling comment because the Iranian Regime actually planned to bomb the Albanian camp back in March 2018, but was thankfully thwarted by the local authorities. Then, in June 2018, the Regime tried to bomb an opposition rally in France that was attended by over 100,000 people including MEK members. Again, they were thankfully caught before anyone got hurt.

The European Union put Iran’s intelligence service (MOIS) on a terror blacklist earlier this month along with two of its key figures for these plots.

Somayeh accused her father of being paid by Iran’s Secret Service to claim that she was being held against her will.

She said: “For the months he was here it was clear he was in touch with and was being directed by Iranian intelligence. He was staying at the most expensive hotel in Tirana, the Plaza. How could he afford to stay in a hotel like this for four months when back home in Canada he was a builder, an ordinary construction worker?”

The prosecutor and the police in Albania, Canada, and Iraq, all of whom have interviewed Somayeh, have rejected Mostafa’s claims, but he continues to spread these lies.

Somayeh said that she hasn’t spoken to her father in over 10 years, noting that it was hard for her to do, but when she realised that he was working for the Regime, she saw no other choice.

She has even written a book about her case, entitled An End to a Conspiracy, in which she remains confident about the Iranian people’s struggle for freedom.