In our previous pieces, we have spoken about the speeches of NCRI president Maryam Rajavi and former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani. In this final piece, we will look at the speeches of three other key players: Former MEK Secretary-General Fahimeh Arvani, Former Senator and US Vice Presidential candidate Joseph Lieberman, and Former US Senator Robert Torricelli.

Let us start with Arvani who opened the MEK rally by praising Iranian opposition leader Rajavi and the MEK Resistance Units that have spread across Iran, saying that the Regime is on the brink of overthrow.

She said: “We are now in an extraordinary period, especially today, in Ashraf 3. This gathering with your presence has a very strong message for the Iranian people. On behalf of PMOI/MEK members I am honoured to thank every single one of you, and I send my salutations to the Resistance Units.”

While Lieberman focused at first on the MEK’s treatment in Camp Liberty in Iraq and their subsequent relocation to Albania, saying their supporters were “heartbroken and angry when [the MEK] were terrorized and murdered” by the Regime. However, he advises that the MEK were now safe in Albania and could focus on the fight for a Free Iran.

Lieberman said: “History is on your side. Freedom and justice will always prevail. And that is what the [MEK] represent. I thank you for being an example to the whole world that those who are willing to sacrifice for the cause of freedom will always prevail.”

He then praised MEK leader Rajavi as “principled, visionary, selfless”, while saying that the MEK is the “viable alternative to the ruling mullahs in Iran”.

Lieberman said: “To those who advocate appeasement, it’s time to stand for the people’s freedom. It’s time to bring a government to Iran that is accountable to the Iranians. A government of the people, by the people, for the people.”

Torricelli told the MEK that now was their time and encouraged all Iranians to join the “brigades of resistance” and fight for freedom.

Torricelli said: “To the Iranian community in foreign countries, the past is forgiven, the future is now, we have a common cause to restore the dignity of the Iranian people. There is only one organization that promises to overthrow the dictatorship in Iran and restore the nation and that organization is the [MEK] and their leader is Maryam Rajavi.”

He explained that the MEK rally was proof enough of what the MEK has and the Regime couldn’t buy, i.e. “the respect of other nations”.

He said: “Democrats and Republicans, are committed to one common cause: the destruction of this regime now.”