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MEK ready to take on Regime

Let’s look at some of those. Statements
• In Tehran, a member of Resistance Unit 815 said “Down with Khamenei; Commander, we are ready”.
• In Qaemshahr, a member of Resistance Unit 400 also sent a message saying that the unit is ready for the overthrow of the Regime.
• In Abhar, northwest Iran, a member of Resistance Unit 910 said that they heard the message and support the calling.
• In Gilan, northern Iran, a resistance unit member said millions of Iranians are ready to fight the mullahs’ regime.
• In Shiraz, south-central Iran, a member of Resistance Unit 6067 expressed the unit’s readiness for the regime’s overthrow.
Graffiti and Burnings
• In Mashad, a member of Resistance Unit 739 used graffiti to share the statement “Khamenei is a murderer – His rule is void – We shall return”.
• In Amol, Karaj, Kermanshah, Tehran, Arak and Zahedan, resistance unit members used graffiti to express the sentiment: “Death to Khamenei, Hail to Rajavi”.
• In Kermanshah, western Iran, a member of a resistance unit used graffiti to express that the ongoing nationwide protests against the Regime, led by the MEK, will only increase.
• In Tehran, Qarchak and Zibashahr, members of resistance units set fire to images of Iranian regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.
MEK publicity
• In Isfahan, central Iran, resistance unit members handed out a leaflet about Iranian opposition President Maryam Rajavi and her ten-point plan for future free Iran.
• In Shahin Shahr, central Iran, a resistance unit member put up a sign containing excerpts of the plan.
• In West Azerbaijan Province, northwest Iran, members of Resistance Units 540 and 533 put up posters to support Massoud Rajavi’s message, which read that the fire of the Iranian people’s protests will never die.
• In Rasht, northern Iran, a resistance unit member distributed a leaflet in support of the recent nationwide teachers strike. Their support for Iran’s teachers comes in response to a call made by Maryam Rajavi.

Paying tribute
Many resistance unit members across Iran paid tribute to fallen MEK martyrs at their gravesites and vowed that they were ready in this ongoing struggle.



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