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MEK Virtual Conference: Remarks of Ingrid Betancourt: Part 2 

Ingrid Betancourt at the big rally for the Iranian Resistance in Villepinte June 30, 2018

Here, we will continue to look at the remarks of former Columbian Presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt; this time focusing on the mullahs’ (lacklustre) response to the coronavirus pandemic and the conclusions that she reached regarding our next steps. 

Betancourt continued by talking about the issue that will define 2020 in the history books: coronavirus. She noted that while the rest of the world has united in trying to slow the spread of the virus (even calling a truce on some long-running wars), the Iranian regime has used the coronavirus as both shield and sword against public protests and uprisings. 

She continued by saying that the regime, despite the immense wealth of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, has not provided any financial assistance to people who lost their jobs (or who could not work from home) but have made sure to continue paying their terrorist mercenaries. As a result of the early resumption of business as usual, at least 67,000 people (as of writing) have died of coronavirus in Iran. 

Betancourt said: “As we commemorate the 40 years of the heroic resistance of the people of Iran, we are also acknowledging that the MEK is the only organized opposition in Iran that has survived in the land and outside its borders, attracting the best and the brightest of its peoples, from all generations and all its ethnic diversity. 

She continued by saying that the MEK is the only organization in the world to have embraced gender equality fully, with the most misogynistic regime on earth faced with a group led by a woman, and that the MEK is the only organization with full knowledge of the threat of Islamic extremism and that fully challenges those who exploit Islam as a weapon against peace, freedom, and modern societies. 

Betancourt concluded by saying that the regime currently faces the most severe set of crises in its 40-year existence, from a full-blown pandemic to economic sanctions to global isolation, which means that the regime is now at an impasse with no solutions. She advised that the regime leaders, including Khamenei, know that “the game is over” and are merely trying to stall. She said that the world can change the path for Iran, but only if it embraces the MEK as the way. 

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She said: We are ready for the last call from the MEK, when not half a million, but tens of millions of Iranians will gather with the might and power of justice, to overthrow the criminal rulers of Iran. In Colombia we won our independence under the rallying call: “armas a discreciónpaso de vencedores”. Today I say to you: there is no way back, we are marching at victory pace!” 



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