In the years past, the Iranian regime had tried to ignore the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) as if they did not exist at all, always maintaining in its official propaganda that it had wiped out 90% of the organization and that what had remained was languishing in exile. This narrative served the objective of projecting itself as an unrivaled regime without any serious opposition. But the effectiveness and the extent of the MEK’s recent campaigns inside and outside Iran have terrified the mullahs, prompting them to react frantically, laying bear its real fear of its archenemy.

Over the past five weeks, the Iranian opposition invited four prominent figures to Ashraf-3, the MEK’s base in Albania in the Manez region. These dignitaries expressed their support of the people’s resistance and their solidarity with their struggle and sacrifice continuing over the past 43 years.

On May 16, 2022, former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited Ashraf and voiced support for the Iranian Resistance.

In his remarks about Iran’s resistance, he said: “The things you have suffered in the name of freedom remind us of what our country was founded on to defend and secure so many years ago. And it’s special, it’s special to be with you. I want also to like to recognize President-elect Maryam Rajavi. It is under her leadership, that the National Council of Resistance of Iran is laying the groundwork for a free, sovereign, and democratic republic in Iran.”

Pointing to the failures of the US policy toward the Iranian regime he said: “Now, to correct the Iran policy, no matter who is in the White House, it is a necessity for the U.S. administration to reach out to the Iranian Resistance and take advantage of its tremendous capabilities. Ashraf 3 is one such place to focus on.”

The next dignitary who visited Ashraf on June 6, 2022, was Ms. Kira Rudik, a Ukrainian MP, leader of the political party Golos, and one of the prominent women who is echoing the voice and struggle of the Ukrainian people in their fight against the invasion of their country.

“It is an honor to see you and to learn from up close about those who have fought this hard battle all these years and have become an emblem for the people of Iran. Like the Mojahedin Organization, we are fighting for freedom, independence, and a democratic country,” she said.

Then the former US Vice President Mike Pence visited Ashraf-3 on June 23, 2022. Commenting on the Iran people’s resistance, he said: “Today, the resistance movement in Iran has never been stronger. It’s been inspiring for me today to learn more. Resistance Units in Iran are the center of hope for the Iranian people. They are an engine for change from within during the uprisings and continued protests. And every day, it’s clear they are growing stronger while the regime grows weaker. Your Resistance Units, commitment to democracy, human rights, and freedom for every citizen of Iran.”

Iran: MEK Resistance Units air anti-regime slogans in Rasht and Sabzevar

Finally, on June 26, 2022, Sir Richard J. Roberts, the 1993 Nobel Prize winner of Physiology or Medicine, visited Ashraf-3 and met with the NCRI President-elect Mrs. Maryam Rajavi.

In part of his speech, he said: “What I have done has been tiny by comparison with the efforts that you have put in, by the courage that you have shown, by your firm defense of freedom, by your desire to set up a true democracy in Iran.”

What all speakers impressed up what that the Iranian opposition has the right to resist the dictatorship and that its resistance is legitimate.

The serious blows that Resistance Units have delivered to the regime have forced it to formulate a plan to form a passive defense organization on June 26, 2022. In the beginning, they had not taken the Resistance Units seriously, even in some cases mocking them in their media, especially the women who had joined the ranks of the Resistance Units.

Iran: MEK Resistance Units air anti-regime slogans in public in Bojnurd

But the regime is facing an organized opposition that is gaining popularity by the day and is capable of organizing the effort to overthrow the regime. This explains the ruling theocracy’s frenzied reaction.