He said the initiatives not only should include by speaking to the sympathetic members of the congress and raising the issue in the media, but also by pressing the issue in the courts which have shown thus far that they will not hesitate in a proper case to put the government to the task of following the law.

He criticised Mr Obama for breaking his nation’s promise to protect Iranian dissidents in Camp Liberty.

He added: “The United states is now engaged in negotiations with Iran and it appears on the verge of concluding a agreement with Iran that would guarantee the regime the right to continue in enriching Uranium, to use the centrifuges it now has and to develop new ones and to get to the threshold of nuclear weapons capability.

“Although, those negotiations are supposedly multilateral that is through the P5 plus one, the five permanent members of the Security Council plus Germany. They are in fact bilateral that is between the United States and Iran.

“And whereas the administration has said in the past that it would not agree to a nuclear capable Iran, It is now making very different noises.

“So what are the intentions of Iran? Do you seriously think that Iran has tolerated the near destruction of its economy through sanctions in order to develop peaceful nuclear power?

“Do you think that they have built a heavy water reactor that can be used only to make a bomb simply because they are interested in conducting a laboratory experiment? Do you think that they have developed ICBM’s intercontinental ballistic missiles to do something that no other country that has ICBM’s does and that is to deliver conventional weapons?”

Mr Mukasey said there was only one government in the world that has the power to make good on the guarantees that were given to the residents of Ashraf in return to their surrender of their weapons and their ability to defend themselves – and that is the US.

He added: “The legislature branch of the United States government cannot act in a way that their executive can, but it can at least prevent or try to prevent the executive in a manner suggested by Alan Dershowitz from taking us over the cliff in the next two years.

“It can also pressure the executive by withholding funds and just as the executives can be pressured in connections with negotiations with Iran so too can be pressured to make good on our world and to protect the residents of Camp Liberty.”

“I give you my word that we will spare no effort to make sure that our government lives up to the ideals for which it is supposed to stand and we at least provide for the safety of residents the Camp Liberty because that is the only way that we can uphold the honour of our country,” he told the conference held in Paris on February 7.