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Mohaddessin Speech at MEK Rally for a Free Iran

At the MEK rally, Mohammad Mohaddessin, Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) – an umbrella organisation of democratic groups fighting for a free Iran, with the MEK as its largest member – addressed the crowd on a number of issues.

Mohaddessin explained that the “inhuman mullah regime” is on its last legs and will soon be toppled by the Iranian people and the MEK, who will establish a popular and democratic government in Iran. He praised the MEK, in particular, its Resistance Units, for their role at the “front lines of our battle with the regime”.

He said: “The regime doesn’t have the capacity to back down in its confrontation with the US, because if it does, the Iranian people, with the [MEK] Resistance Units leading the way, will overthrow the regime. In addition, the regime has no power to confront the US. Therefore, this regime has to choose between ‘worse’ and ‘worst’.”

He advises that the Regime is stuck in “the swamp of collapse” after four decades of “murder and crimes”.

Attacks and appeasement go hand in hand

Mohaddessin then noted about the recent attacks on oil tankers in the Persian Gulf, which the US, the UK, Germany, Saudi Arabia, and the MEK all attribute to the Iranian Regime.

He said: “The Iranian regime is engulfed by the escalating outrage of the people. Fearing the end of the appeasement era, the regime tries to regain its stability by increasing oppression [especially on the MEK], attacking ships, and launching missiles and drones. But these actions will only expedite its downfall.”

He explained that this move by the Regime, at a time when Japanese Prime Minister Abe is attempting to lay the groundwork for negotiations between the US and Iran, shows what the MEK have been saying all along: appeasement doesn’t work. He called on the EU, as the MEK has done many times, not to appease the Regime and fuel its terror and war machine.

Mohaddessin then repeated a familiar MEK cry, which is that the “only solution is the overthrow of this regime; this is an absolute need for peace and security in the Middle East and across the world”.

Anti-MEK propaganda

At the end of his speech, Mohaddessin explained that the mullahs use a demonization campaign to discredit the MEK, which has the additional purpose of making it easier to physically attack the MEK without repercussions.

He said: “The regime sends forth its agents and mercenaries inside Iran to spread propaganda against the PMOI [MEK]. And it spends huge sums to hire well-known agents abroad to demonize the Iranian Resistance. The goal is to say that Iran has no alternative and the world must cope with the mullahs’ regime. The antidote to the demonization campaign is in your hands. Your active presence will prove to the world that the choice of the Iranian people is the PMOI [MEK] and the NCRI.”

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