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MOIS Sentencing Relatives of the MEK to Prison in Intimidation Tactic

MEK Resistance Units: End Khamenei's rule in Iran is near

Despite the regime’s intimidation tactics, the MEK’s Resistance Units in Iran have only expanded their activities in recent days, organizing activities to call for regime change and support of the opposition leader Maryam Rajavi in Abadan, Behbahan, Borujerd, Gorgan, Isfahan, Jiroft, Karaj, Qom, Rasht, Rudsar, Shiraz, Shahr-e Rey, Shahriar, and Tehran, between July 8 and July 10. These brave people wrote graffiti in public places that supported  Resistance leaders and condemned Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and President Hassan Rouhani.

Their slogans included:

  • “Coronavirus outbreak is the guilt of the Iranian regime & mullahs.”
  • “Ali Khamenei your end is near”
  • “Iran Maryam, Maryam Iran”
  • “Down with Khamenei, hail to Rajavi, dear Maryam we are waiting for you, democracy and freedom with Maryam Rajavi”
  • “Down with Khamenei, hail to freedom”
  • “Maryam Rajavi is a symbol of bravery and inspiration for Iranian women”
  • “Down with Khamenei, Down with the principle of the Supreme Leader’s rule, down with Rouhani”
  • “Maryam Rajavi echoes the voice of justice and freedom of the Iranian people”
  • “We can and we must free Iran”
  • “Dear Maryam, with you Iran will become a paradise”
  • “Democracy and freedom with Maryam Rajavi”
  • “Maryam Rajavi; we support you for a free and prosperous Iran”

Furthermore, the Resistance Units commemorated the 21st anniversary of the uprising by Tehran University students on July 9, 1999, by putting pictures and slogans on parked cars, including one that read, “July 9, 1999, is the anniversary of the student uprising against mullahs’ regime suppression”. This is important because many high-ranking regime members, including Rouhani and parliament speaker Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, were directly involved in the suppression of these protests.

Also, over those couple of days, the Iranian youth set fire to suppressive regime centers in different cities, including a fundamentalism center in Qom and a Basij base in Karaj. The Basij are the most-hated suppressive force in Iran and the paramilitary branch of the Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), which cracks down on protests, including the November nationwide uprising. The brave young people also set fire to a banner of Khamenei in Shahr-e Rey.

This has caused many officials to voice concerns about growing support for the MEK.


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