According to state media, Movahedi Kermani said on Saturday November 4 that “today the internet has a higher priority compared to issues like elections or nonconformity to dress code, with elections and violating the dress code being the second and third priorities. Unfortunately, some officials have betrayed while introducing the internet, meaning that many of our officials have not introduced the internet properly by announcing that it has the same amount of negative and positive effects on society, which is not true and the internet’s negative effects are much more than its positive ones… so, we need to pay attention to this issue which we have currently been stuck with.”

Movahedi Kermani then expressed his fear of the internet and its widespread usage, saying “today, the cultural invasion has targeted our spouses as well as our younger and grown up children. For instance, when you arrive at a family party, you will notice that everyone, including young children and adults, have their heads in their phones, causing you wonder what’s  really going on inside these phones and what these people are looking at?”

He added: “I received a report from Council of Experts on dangers of the internet. After I studied the report, I realized that the internet has the power to totally eradicate Islam and religion. Violating the dress code is bad, but the internet is a hundred times worse than that.”