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NCRI Women’s Committee Annual Report

NCRI women's committee is a member of Iranian Resistance and opposition to the mullahs' misogynous regime, focusing on rights and news of women in Iran.

Iranian women are fighting for freedom and equality by fighting to overthrow the Iranian regime because change will never happen under the mullahs.

Of course, the mullahs are threatened by their upcoming overthrow, so they are choosing to oppress women more and more in every aspect of their lives. Not only that but the actions of the mullahs to oppress anyone in Iran disproportionately affect women because they are part of a marginalized group already.

The regime is systematically abusing the rights of women in the job market, no matter what sector they want to enter. Nurses and teachers, who are mostly women, are suffering the brunt of the mullahs’ anger right now.

There are also bans on religious minority women taking certain jobs or entering higher education. If the mullahs aren’t able to discriminate based on gender, they will do on religion, meaning that these women are doubly marginalized.

Poverty is another marginalizing factor, but this one actually affects more women than men. This is a result of being denied jobs and education based on gender, being married off young, as well as needing their closest male relative’s permission to work.

If a woman’s husband dies or leaves her, she may find that her only source of income goes with him, which is why we are seeing increased cases of teenage women (or more accurately, girls) becoming homeless, drug addicts, suicide victims, and more.

This poverty marginalization has also led to women and children being the primary victims of disasters, like floods and earthquakes, and still not receiving government support.

But Iranian women are not backing down. Instead, they are leading the anti-regime uprisings and becoming more outspoken. Twice in the past six months, Iranian women have led such enormous uprisings that the regime has been forced to acknowledge their role in the protests.

These women are risking everything because human rights defenders who get arrested are held in vile conditions that fail to meet the minimum standards. Yet still, they continue; determined to expose these crimes against humanity.

The Women’s Committee of the NCRI is attempting to showcase the lives and struggles of Iranian women over the past year, with its 2020 Annual report.

They wrote: “The brave women of Iran are fighting not only for their own freedom but for the freedom of all Iranians… These courageous women have proven the “Generation Equality” in practice and women’s international struggle for parity has become more meaningful with their sacrifices and contributions.”


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