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New MEK Rally in Berlin on July 6

The MEK’s Free Iran rally, set to be held on Saturday, July 6, is an opportunity for members of the Iranian diaspora, Resistance members, and their supporters to come together and call for the end to the mullahs’ rule. The MEK protesters will, as they have at the previous rallies in Brussels and Washington DC, affirm their support for the Iranian people’s 18-month-long uprising and call for an end to the appeasement policy that is keeping the regime somewhat intact.

The MEK protesters are also expected to press the international community to remove any support for the mullahs and instead throw their support behind the MEK and the organised democratic resistance led by Maryam Rajavi. After all, the MEK is the only chance for getting rid of the malign Regime, whilst avoid war or a power vacuum in the Middle East.

Maryam Rajavi has also already set out a Ten Point Plan for a Free Iran, which includes commitments to human rights and an end to Iran’s nuclear programme. The Resistance is ready and willing to take over the governing of Iran for a six-month period until free and fair elections can be held. The MEK knows that this is the only way to maintain a steady power in Iran and prevent the country from being usurped by another malign power; something that the Regime proved perfect at doing in various countries across the Middle East.

The MEK also has plenty of support from the international community, including parliamentarians, religious leaders, military personnel, and legal scholars, who all agree that the MEK is the best shot for a free, democratic, non-nuclear Iran.

Let’s not forget that the Regime is currently at breaking point, facing US sanctions that have heavily decreased the amount of money the mullahs have to spend on their repressive and terrorist forces, as well as an increasingly angry populace that has taken to the streets in consistent acts of rebellion since December 2017, organised by MEK Resistance Units within the country.

The sanctions have frozen the money that was available to the Ayatollah’s pet army, the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), especially once the IRGC was labelled a terrorist group by the US earlier this year. This has restricted the amount to which the IRGC is able to crack down on the MEK and the Iranian people, so those at the MEK protest will be calling on all countries to impose strict sanctions against the Regime and the IRGC.

This will help the uprising to grow stronger, get better, and go further in order to overthrow the Regime, without the need for military action by the US (or any other country) that could result in civilian casualties but would also steal Iranian sovereignty. Let us hope the world takes heed of the MEK.

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