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Opposition Forces Agreement could stop the Iranian and Syrian regimes

Their aim is to get rid of the Assad regime, remove the Iranian regime from Syria and hopefully, allow the Gulf countries to stop Iran from meddling in the affairs of sovereign countries.

They also want to raise awareness about the financial and military support that the Iranian regime is proving to aid Assad in her war against his own people; many Iranian troops have been lost fighting a war that they needn’t have been involved in. 

Suheir Al Atassi, a Syrian opposition member, explained the purpose of the partnership was to learn more about their enemy and to increase the position of resistance forces in the international community.

She said: “We need to know our enemy and no one would know better how the clerical regime works, operates and strategizes than the Iranian resistance”.

She cited the NCRI’s revelations that Iran had two nuclear weapon development centres in 2008, contrary to US reports as an example of their intelligence.

They also welcome input from other middle-eastern countries who want to work towards secular governance of the region.

Previously, the Gulf Cooperation Council would not engage with The People’s Mojahedin of Iran (PMOI) as they were wrongly labelled as a terrorist group by the European Union, the United States and Canada. Thankfully, this has now been dropped and the PMOI has been granted a protected persons’ status in 2012.

Awad Mustafa, a defence and political journalist in Dubai and the Middle East bureau chief for Defense News, said in an article on The National that the Iranian regime were now in an “unenviable position”.

Mustafa said: “It might be time for the Gulf countries to make use of the resources presented by this unlikely alliance of the Syrian and Iranian oppositions to turn the tables on Iran”.

Members of the Iranian resistance, including Maryam Rajavi, leader of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, will gather for a rally in Paris on July, 9.  There, they will call on politicians from around the word to recognise the plight of the Iranian people and demand an end to executions and torture in the state.

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