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Political prisoners in Iran give their praise and support to the Free Iran rally

Moreover, despite the large turnout there were even more people who were not able to attend the rally, but supported it from afar. Many of those people who supported the rally from afar include political prisoners detained in Iran. A myriad of NCRI and PMOI (MEK) supporters have been captured and imprisoned in Iran, for their support for a free and democratic Iran. Despite the inability of the political prisoners to attend the July 9th gathering in Paris, they have given their praises to the successful turnout of the rally. Accordingly, some prisoners such as those in Gohardasht prison’s ward 6, were able to stream the event from their cell phones, despite being imprisoned. This goes to show that those supporting a free and democratic Iran cannot be silenced, despite their situation they can never truly be stripped of their hope for a free Iran. 

Those who have been ripped away from their loved ones, from their homes, and denied their rights, are the true victims of the mullahs’ regime. Thus, the political prisoners throughout Iran, whose only crime has been to voice their opinion for a free Iran are the true victims of this unjust, and cruel regime. However, despite all the atrocities that the theocratic regime has done to these prisoners, they still stand strong, and they still give their support and praise for those fighting for free Iran. 


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