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Preparations and amassing armed forces to massacre the rest of the residents of Camp Ashraf

 with placing full siege on the residence quarters and cutting off their electricity

Around 11 AM local time, the Iraqi forces entered the area of residence of the remaining residents of Ashraf by breaking the lock of the area. Their preposterous excuse was that the residents have placed detonators on the venue.

The forces of the Iraqi battalion “responsible for protecting” the residents were prepared to move in and attack the remaining residents with weapons, club, and rod. They placed a siege on all entrances and exits  by Humvee armored personnel carriers and armed people. 

The residents told the assailants that any entrance should be with the presence of the UN and the US Embassy.  Eventually at 1230 PM local time the assailants returned to the entrance of the residential quarter that they had broken its lock. They are stationed outside the area while are ready to attack the residents. 

In another development, the electricity of the residential quarters of Ashraf residents have been totally cut and the passage of the residents to the kitchen and the location for preparing food that is at the south of the residential area has been blocked. 

These criminal acts are taking place while last night upon the request of the UN, the corpses of the 52 martyrs of the September 1 massacre was handed over to the Chief of Human Rights of the UN Office in Baghdad and the Representative of the Office of Human Rights in Iraq for autopsy.  This was after taking photos and video footage of every one of the victims.  Their bodies were transferred to the hospital in the city of Baqubah.

All the indications point out to the intention of the Government of Iraq to attack and carry out another massacre. The UN Secretary General and the U.S. State Department should intervene immediately to stop the attack and the massacre of remaining residents and to guarantee the release of seven Camp Ashraf residents who have been taken hostages during the latest massacre.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

September 3, 2013

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