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Prominent American & European Politicians Support the Leading Role of Ncri in Iran Protests

Known for sharing intelligence gathered by its network within Iran regarding the country’s clandestine nuclear program back in 2002, the MEK is also raising awareness over the possible military dimension (PMD) of this drive, a subject awaiting full clarification.

Former House of Representatives Speaker Newt Gingrich said, “The resistance is making a difference,” at a “Regime change in Iran” meeting held recently by the Paris-based National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI). The NCRI is the sole significant Iranian opposition coalition, of which the MEK is a member under the group’s umbrella.

“The MEK is making a difference. I have no doubt that, in the long run, you are on the right side of history. The resistance is knitting together both in the country and in the world a tremendous force that is sustaining the right to believe that you can be free,” Gingrich added. He was joined by former Democratic Senator Robert Torricelli.
Their joint participation displays the bipartisan support the NCRI and MEK enjoy in Washington, which is something rare these days.

In reference to NCRI President Maryam Rajavi, Senator Torricelli said, “This is the beginning of a revolution. A regime that stays in power by killing its people has a numbered life. When Rouhani called French President Macron and asked him to clamp down on the MEK it made one thing clear: This is not a revolution without a leader. The leader is sitting here.” He added, ”I agree with Khamenei on nothing except one thing: he is putting responsibility on the MEK and the PMOI and blaming Mrs. Rajavi. He is right about it. This has been organized for years, network has been created, by never compromising with the regime, never being part of it. The MEK and Mrs. Rajavi have kept credibility… So in identifying the MEK and Mrs. Rajavi, he is right because the MEK and the entire international community that supports it, we are all coming for Khamenei to end this nightmare.”

Currently, the movement is active, and any argument that this round of protests have come to an end are baseless. “The uprising showed that Iranian society is in an explosive state, simmering with discontent,” Mrs. Rajavi said. “It showed that the regime is much weaker than perceived. It showed that the billions of windfall dollars from the nuclear deal did nothing to cure the regime’s instability. And finally, the uprising showed that the people of Iran detest both regime factions and want it overthrown in its entirety.”

Mrs. Rajavi was invited by numerous parliamentary groups. On Wednesday, she continued her efforts in the European Parliament by calling on the Green Continent to break its silence as the protests continue in Iran, and while the regime resorts to crackdown measures.

She also tweeted, “I urge ALDE and PACE to strongly condemn the killing of protesters in prisons. Urge European governments to take practical measures to free the prisoners.

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