Instead, they continued to appeal to non-existent moderates in the Regime, which only exacerbated the suffering of the Iranian people and the MEK.

As Rajavi has said time and time again, there are only two realistic outcomes for the mullahs: a continuation of the horrific appeasement policy and everything that goes along with that or the massive changes advocated for by the MEK and its allies. The gradual moderation hoped for by certain politicians in the West will never come. (The Regime has continually violated the 2015 nuclear agreement, which was agreed by so-called moderates, with supposed moderate President Hassan Rouhani recently expressing his intention to oversee uranium enrichment in “any amount” desired.)

There were, of course, clear warning signs about Rouhani’s true nature. While serving as Tehran’s chief nuclear negotiator between 2003 and 2005, he publicly bragged about creating a “calm environment”, so that the Regime could give the impression that it would wind down its nuclear development, while actually accelerating it. (Iran’s nuclear program was only revealed by the MEK in the first place.)

The Regime cannot even attempt this impression now, with its open hostility that can only be explained by the fact that they have faced no pushback from the international community at all. Even the MEK relocation and the economic sanctions levied by the US have failed to put enough pressure on Iran, even as Iran launched attacks on oil tankers, a US drone, pipelines, airports, and more.

The problem is that the US appears to be the only Western country taking the Iran threat seriously, with much of Europe only prepared to do limited actions, like sanctioning Iran’s secret service and some of its known operatives. Importantly, several European countries, including France and Albania, have been the target of Iran’s bomb and assassination plots targeting MEK activists in the past 18 months.

Considering what this says about the political climate inside Iran and the potential for another massacre like the 1988 killings of the MEK, it’s surprising that the world doesn’t want to follow the US by sanctioning the office of the supreme leader Ali Khamenei and designating the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist organization.

This would go a long way towards convincing the MEK and the Iranian people that Europe (and the rest of the world) supports their hope for a free and democratic Iran, especially after the nationwide uprising that began in December 2017. The MEK and the Iranian people are ready to overthrow the Regime, but they need the vocal support of the world. They are not asking for arms or for countries to launch a war on their behalf; just retract their support for the mullahs.