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Senator Lieberman: The New Dawn for Iran With MEK at Ashraf 3

He described the time as “hell of Camp Liberty” and expressed his happiness that the residents are finally living in safety in Ashraf-3.

Mr. Lieberman expressed his solidarity with the MEK movement in their fight for freedom in Iran and vowed to stand with them all the way.

“Why do I say a new day is dawning?” asked the Senator, “we’re not there yet but it’s coming. The first is represented by Ashrafis’ miraculous being in Albania.”

He admired the MEK and NCRI for refusing to give in fighting to bring the members to safety.

He also commended President Trump for being “heroic and historic to break the Iran nuclear deal and impose sections and designate the IRGC as a terror group.”

He stated that the gathering is rightly against the mullahs’ regime that is holding their country hostage. “Now we have the US, and hopefully our allies, standing against the regime and for the people in Iran.”

The senator disagreed with those who continue to support the appeasement policy and told those present that you will succeed, because the “history is on your side and in the end, the freedom and justice will win.”

He also remembered the late Senator John McCain and said that he would have been there today if he was alive.

Not only “you represent an alternative, but you represent the right alternative,” said the Senator to the MEK members gathered at the meeting as he continued his address.

At the end Lieberman commended Mrs. Rajavi for her leadership in highlighting the plight of the Iranian people and 120,000 martyrs of freedom at the hands of the mullahs’ regime.

“Ashraf 3 is the best testament to the fact that you fight for freedom,” stressed former Senator Lieberman. “It’s time to stand for the people’s freedom. The people of Iran deserve a government that is accountable to them; a government for the people, by the people, and of the people.”

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