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Senator McCain to MEK in the Presence of Maryam Rajavi: You Are an Example to Everyone in the World That Is Struggling for Freedom

Maryam Rajavi expressed her gratitude to senator McCain for his unsparing efforts in support of the MEK from Ashraf and their relocation out of iraq. She said, “Today, there’s a general accord within the region on the clerical regime’s damaging role and there’s little question that the non secular fascism ruling Iran is the prime source of war, coercion and crisis within the region.”

“Regime change isn’t solely the necessity for ending brutal violations of human rights in Iran but to establish peace and tranquility within the region,” she added. “As long as the clerical regime is in power, it’d not quit export of terrorism and fundamentalism.”

Senator McCain said he believed that the Iranian regime, Bashar Assad and Daesh were all reticulated and indivisible entities. He stressed on the necessity to oust Bashar Assad and to confront the Iranian regime’s damaging role in Syria and iraq.

Maryam Rajavi noted, “All indications are that the clerical regime is at an impasse socially, politically, and economically and consequently is kind of vulnerable. In the in the meantime, the Iranian individuals and Resistance are more determined than ever for the overthrow of the regime and institution of democracy and widespread sovereignty.”

Prior to this meeting, senator McCain was accompanied by Maryam Rajavi for a visit to one of the MEK headquarters in Tirana where he was warmly welcomed in the gathering of MEK members settled from Ashraf to Republic of Albania.

Deputy Chief of the U.S. Mission in Republic of Albania and some Embassy staff in Tirana and McCain’s advisors accompanied him during this visit.

In her speech to the gathering, Maryam Rajavi praised senator McCain for his efforts in support of the MEK members and reiterated, “The relocation of MEK members was a great action. Their persistence and sacrifices, including international support created the relocation attainable. You vie a key role within the safe relocation of Camp Liberty residents and therefore the individuals of Iran are grateful.”

Mrs. Rajavi conjointly underlined the Resistance’s resolve to continue their struggle to overthrow the clerical regime. She realized, “During the 2009 uprisings in Iran, whereas the Iranian people’s want for freedom and democracy was savagely crushed, the U.S. government sadly remained silent. However the Iranian people haven’t given up their want for regime modification. We have a tendency to are more determined than ever to ascertain freedom and democracy in Iran. Because the regime is beset by deepening crises, we are closer than ever to achieving our goal.” 

On the recent developments within the region, Maryam Rajavi noted, “The Iranian regime is to blame for committing war crimes in Syria and it should be evicted from that country. Aside from its valuable humanitarian side, i feel this can be the correct policy from a simply political stand.”

Senator McCain conjointly addressed the MEK freedom fighters and congratulated them on their victorious relocation from Iraq. He loved their perseverance and steadfastness despite suffering great losses. He said, “There is not any doubt that the people in this room have suffered. They have suffered not solely themselves however in the loss of their wanted ones owing to the Iranian tyranny, and that i specific my condolences to everybody during this space UN agency has lost a lover as a results of the Iranian tyranny and coercion.” He also expressed his appreciation to the government of Albania for their hospitality. 

The Chair of the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee told MEK members, “You have stood up and fought and sacrificed for freedom, for the right to live free, for the right to determine your own future, for the rights that are God given.”

“I thank you for being an example, an example to the whole world, that those people who are willing to fight and sacrifice for freedom will achieve it, and you are an example to everyone in the world that is struggling for (freedom),” Senator McCain remarked.

Senator McCain applauded Maryam Rajavi’s leadership. He declared, “Someday, Iran will be free. Someday, we will all gather in that square.”

Following the speeches, Maryam Rajavi presented a copy of the List of 20,000 PMOI Martyrs, Fallen for Freedom, to Senator McCain. She described the book containing only part of the overall 120,000 martyrs as “the greatest asset of the Iranian Resistance.”

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