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Spanish Senators condemn terrorist attack against Iranian Opposition refugees in Iraq

Joint statement by Members of Spanish Senate
At 21:15 Baghdad local time, on Thursday, 26 December, Camp Liberty , in which 2900 refugees, members of the main Democratic Iranian opposition group PMOI -MEK live, was attacked with dozens of missiles, leaving 3 dead and 71 injured.

This is the fourth attack Camp Liberty suffers this year. The U.S. government, that transferred the protection of residents to Iraqi forces in late 2008, said it had received written assurances from the Iraqi authorities that residents would be protected.

However, since then , there have been numerous attacks carried out against them. The balance of these attacks , many of them made directly by Iraqi forces , has been more than 100 dead and a thousand injured.

This does not include the residents who have died due to inhumane medical restrictions imposed by the Iraqi government in the same period.

Moreover, on September 1, Camp Ashraf, where also some members of the Iranian opposition resided, was attacked by Iraqi forces. They killed in cold blood 52 people and took seven residents hostage icluding six women. Since then, they the prisoners whereabouts are unknown.

Furthermore, on December 17, the High Court agreed to hear a complaint against Iraqi National Security Advisor, for his involvement in “crimes against the international community” in reference to the murders of these Iranian refugees in Iraq.

Therefore, we express our strong condemnation of the events of December 26 at Camp Liberty, as we have done with other attacks on the residents of this area and of Camp Ashraf, and we reiterate our call for the immediate release of the Camp Ashraf hostages.

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