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Supporting the Iranian Regime at the Expense of the People

In response to a complaint about slander in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung against the Iranian opposition MEK, the Hamburg court ordered FAZ on 24 June 2020 to remove all three defamatory claims against the Mojahedin from its online report and not to repeat them.

As it turns out, the false claims that the Iranian opposition Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK/PMOI) conduct “weekly exercises to cut the throat with a knife, break the arms and remove eyes with a finger” have reached nothing in the era of the information outburst.

Because during the gathering at the MEK’s base in Albania, Ashraf 3, the world could see that the Mojahedin also have “Wrist Watches”, “Calendars” and “Mobile Phones”, and those who are living in a “Time capsule” are those who are spreading fake news because of petrodollars, and while having color blindness, do not want to see the reality of Iran.

Violating journalistic standards

Contrary to all the standards of professional and journalistic work, FAZ based its information about a well-known opposition in the world and Iran on the statements made by some people who were working for the regime’s infamous Ministry of Intelligence (MOIS).

These days when someone wants to get information about Iran’s main opposition group, there is no need to try hard. With a simple search of the internet, one could find all the needed information to speak and write about the MEK, even when one does not like to refer to the MEK’s representatives or to the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) which have well known and official bases in many countries around the world, and are open to everyone who wants to know about them.

Just to remember in the last four years many Albanian officials and prominent people from many countries have visited the MEK at Ashraf-3. The question here is why such a well-known newspaper did not contact the MEK in the first place. Common sense said that the people of the high level of society and academicians, while many of them know the MEK for many years are better sources to be asked.

But it should be noted that the first culprit for such propaganda is not the western media but is the regime while buying such propaganda with the wealth and capital of the Iranian people, those who are becoming poorer every day.

So, what forced the regime to buy such propaganda can be sorted into several specific reasons:

  1. The Mojahedin have an organization and are firmly not disbanding it while there are now in Europe.
  2. They are not cooperating with the regime’s wings in Europe, even after arrived on the soles of Europe.
  3. The Mojahedin have not retired while some of them are now old and continuing their fight against Iran’s regime.
  4. The Mojahedin are not affected by other ideologies and are persisting on their ideology which is because of their fight against Iran’s regime. As the past 40 years showed us, none of the other ideologies could survive in front of such an extremely brutal, cruelly, and the fundamentalist regime in Iran’s history. The only one who left is the MEK.

Therefore, they are the main target. Noting that from the MEK’s side this is not a pleasant event, but they are not guilty of this, and realities of the history are tough and unpleasant. Otherwise, everybody knows that a collective struggle against a regime is more effective and fighting alone will take much, much more price from an opposition, while we are not living in the era of Achilles and other superheroes and this is not a fantasy movie. Everybody understands how difficult it is to leave their family and country and live now for more than 40 years in exile.

A professional work before writing something about someone is to read the situation and the condition of the phenomenon in a specific time and space. Hereof the writer of the article ‘In Tirana muss der Teufel Leben’ should learn much more about the conditions and events in the Middle East, and to understand the situation.

Just by a simple look at the situation of Syria where, unfortunately, there is no more any opposition in front of the Assad’s regime and all of them are destroyed and scattered, which is a true pain for the ‘democratic’ world, and its result is retain of Assad’s regime and the parade of the ISIS.

The writer of the article should think twice when attacking and playing on the desk of the Iranian regime, and imagine what would happen when such opposition did not exist (even for the western democracies), which is the main cause of the Syria crisis, and the godfather of the global terror, which at least for the past 4 years even the US government has confirmed it many times.


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