He also condemned Iraq’s role in the massacre of 52 members of Iranian opposition, the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) in Camp Ashraf on September 1 last year.

He said in a letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon: “The lives of the innocent citizens of Iraq in Anbar province is endangered by blind and vengeful artillery bombardment by Maliki’s forces.

“In the past two months, thousands of my compatriots have been killed and injured in this province and hundreds of thousands have been driven from their homes.

“In addition to the people of Iraq, the cruelty and tyranny of this government is targeting refugees who are considered our guests for quarter of a century.

“There is little doubt that the principle cause of this perilous and explosive state in Iraq is the destructive and unbounded influence of the Iranian regime in the government of Maliki as well as the security forces.”

Iraq carried out the Camp Ashraf massacre at the request of Iran and was now refusing to investigate the atrocity, Dr Al-Hashemi said.

He added: “The government of Iraq covertly buried the corpses in an undisclosed location in an illegal act and even without the knowledge of UNAMI’s representatives. This act proves this reality that the Government of Iraq is attempting to wash its hands from the atrocity of September 1, 2013, that it has committed.”

Camp Liberty residents also faced the daily threat of attack and needed to be given the protective T-walls and bunkers that they had purchased, he said.

He told Mr Ban: “By trusting an unchecked management of Camp Liberty to violent and cold-blooded murderers such as Colonel Sadeq Mohammad Kadhim, Major Ahmed Khozair and Captain Ahmed Azab Mashi – all three of whom have played a direct and commanding role in the massacres of Camp Ashraf during the recent years and listed by name in various decrees of international courts – the government of Iraq is deliberately seeking to persecute the residents of the camp on a daily basis.

“In the recent weeks, the pressures have markedly escalated and the conditions imposed on Camp Liberty by these officers are worse than the treatment administered to the prisoners.

“They are even obstructing entry of food trucks to the camp and keep the food from reaching the camp for many days such that a considerable portion of the food rots before it ever reaches the residents.

“This is while the residents neither have the right to movement outside the camp to provide for their needs and moreover, contrary to Ashraf, they do not enjoy stores for their foodstuff. Therefore, the imposition of such restrictions causes severe hardship on the livelihood of the residents.

“Providing the imperative security provisions to Camp Liberty, including the return of 17,500 T-walls, transfer of adequate number of individual concrete bunkers, transfer of protective helmets and vests and medical equipment from Ashraf, and in particular stationing a 24/7 monitoring by UN inside the camp along with a team of UN Blue Helmets, are some of the most pressing and essential measures that can bar another anti-human atrocity that will further tarnish Iraq’s international image.”